Friday, December 01, 2006

DOPOD Can't Wait!

DOPOD C800 PDA Phone
Darn it! First it was IKEA, now SITEX.

My friend and I skipped lunch today and headed off to SITEX 2006 PC Show. I have been meaning to look at the new Dopod C800 PDA Phone that was launched since mid November.

After scrutinizing the features and specifications, matching it to my needs... that was the hardest to do that took every cell in my brain to justify to buying it.

You know, this is very important to me as I need Wifey's blessings on my purchase to make it guilty-free and all that sweet.

Kingston 1GigaByte Micro-SD With AdapterI finally succumbed to my weakness to techno gadgets. Sigh... Yeah!

I am now the proud owner of one 17mm world's slimmest PDA-cum-Phone-cum-Camera-cum-MP3 Player-cum.... whatever I need. The list of built-in features goes on but at a steep price of S$1,159.00 as compared with the market price of S$1,228.00. Ouch! And my wallet feels lighter now.

This PDA is exclusive to Singapore market only, to take advantage of the free 3-year island-wide Wi-Fi access. The wireless access starts today, 1 December 2005!

Additional S$40.00 for a 1GB Kingston Trans-Flash or Micro SD Memory to beef-up my new toy, though I would rather have a 2GB instead for MP3 and MS Office use.

LG GSA-H20L DVD Writer with LightScribe
I also bought an LG GSA-H20L DVD Writer with Lightscribe capability for S$83.00 for my blogging-cum-work PC. The one I have now, will be transferred to my son's PC.

As promised, for his good final year examination results, a 160GB Hitachi Deskstar IDE hard disk that cost me S$84.00 will be added to my son's PC for his "I need more storage for my stuff and data..." as he puts it requirements.

At lunch time today, I had released a total of $1,366.00! Yikes! What was I thinking!

LightScribe Laser-written DVD DiskThat is the bad news.

The good news is that I am way ahead of my weekend plans.

The fun news is that I get to play with my new toys and hook-up those gadgets that I have bought.

The toughest, please-don't-let-this-turn-ugly news it to break it to Wifey that I spent a bomb today!

Maybe I can lessen the blow by offering Wifey my Sony Ericsson S700i cell phone and my 8GB Creative Zen MicroPhoto MP3 Player. With All-In-One in my palm, a Dopod C800 is all I need.

I was at my weakest. God, have mercy.


  1. We all have our weaknesses. I have a weakness for women, but that is another story. I think that, that is all men. Seriously my weakness is video games. Right now I have a regular X-box with mostly shooting and sports games. I want to get the new X-box 360, but can't afford it right now.

  2. I hope your new 3 in 1 tech thing makes you happy. It is well worth the price if it does.

  3. Gosh Imran. You have been on a spending spree. I admire you for trying to justify the cost...ha.

    Just a thought...I hope you have this new toy of yours insured. Imagine if you lost it!!!!

    Ellen...the eternal pessimist.

    Have fun anyway.


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