Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The World Turns

I see two bags full of Peter Bear Christmas mugs before me at my desk.

Like every year, during this festive season, I will buy a gift each for all the charges under me. A gift from me to say thank you for the good job and the support given to do the good job.

In fact, I give gifts on festive periods like Lunar New Year and Deepavali to my Chinese and Indian subordinates respectively. It warms my heart to see the smiles they exchange for the gifts when I handed to them a little something as a token from me, that they matter to me.

As I was peeling the price tags off of each gift boxes, intending to wrap them later, I cannot help but think of the recent post I read that still troubles me. It saddens me deeply.

I am awed by the conviction of a post I read but at the same time perturbed by the image that came with it at the end. The conviction was rightfully the writer's own, however, the image was unfortunately not. It was in very bad taste, even for the writer.

My flaky mind lingers...

Religion: The definitive guide to honest existence. The honest truth being figured out while the world turns.

It unites people of all races in all the land... it divides people of its races and all the land. The way the world turns from light to dark.

Humans. One day a great soul healing the wounded, and the next, an angry and vicious weapon attacking the very soul. That is just how the way the world keeps turning from beautiful to brash.

Human evolution through time and opportunity. The subjective ways humans treat one another since the beginning of civilisation. The way the world continues to turn under one's perception of normalcy...

As modern as the thinking, as ancient as the compassion... regardless of the existence of religion.

Wait a minute! What nonsensical babbles are these?

I wish I knew. I was not myself for a moment. I am only an oblivious human, still figuring out the ways of the world...

Time to wrap it up... I mean, the gifts.


  1. Sad, but it may be true. Mankind seems to have an disgusting need for aggression. Yet we also need peace. that may be the cause for the up and downs.

  2. I've tried to post an answer to this several times, but could not find the right words. I know that you were hurt by that post, and I won't invalidate your feelings by saying you shouldn't be. But I will point out that that person, and any thinking person, knows that there is a difference between those who practice your religion in sincerity and faith and those who use it as a weapon for evil. Every faith is subject to maipulation by people with insincere motives, and we are seeing the worst of that on a global basis these day. The shame of other's malpractice is not yours. We know that because we come here and see in your words and your heart that you are not of that ilk. The world needs the strength and the voices of true people of faith, now more than ever. I'm glad that yours is out there, and I'm proud to call you friend.


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