Thursday, December 28, 2006

My Singapore Rediscovered

I have been following the second week of the edutainment show called Explore Singapore!

The main reason is to provide Singaporeans as well as tourists alike about the rich cultures and heritage this tiny island holds with its more than 80 museums and libraries.

There seem so much to learn about the yesteryear from when Singapore was discovered by the Temasek Prince who gave the island its name Malay name Singapura or Lion City in translation... known today as Singapore, to the Japanese Occupation years, the handing-over back to the British... to the day it became independent from Malaysia... and beyond.

The museums and libraries spread throughout the island have so many stories to tell... just waiting especially their natives to visit these places.

This show ignites my curiosity to arrange for outings with my son to a heritage trail. Rediscover our island's past, the nation building to where it is today and beyond. A good and easy way to know where these places of interests are, is by clicking onto the map below.

I have joined the second contest after the show and are gearing-up for more until the end. It would be great if I could win something from taking part in the contest. If not, at least I learn a whole lot about my homeland.

A noble effort by the National Heritage Board, The National Library and Media Development Authority to let the busy Lions get to know our roots in a den at the southern-most tip of Malaysia.


  1. I would love to see that. I love History. History is my Major.

  2. What a wonderful experience for you and your son to share!

    I could play with that map for hours. Very clever, very informative. I'm learning about your homeland, my friend.


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