Friday, December 08, 2006

The Singapore Flyer

This post is inspired by my son's last remnants of his stolen bicycle.

I got back from work and saw his bicycle... well, what was left of it - the front wheel, prominently displayed at the service balcony when I went there to greet my fellow citizens of HamsterVille.

Alone, propped-up against the tiled wall, it reminded me of... The Singapore Flyer.

Yes, the 162 metres or 42 storey-high giant observatory wheel, some might say a direct steal of the London Eye. Yeah how is it going anyway... have forgotten all about it.
London Eye Square Night Flight
This would be an interesting addition to Singapore's rather dull "what to do this weekend?" activity. Well, not until March 2008 anyway.

By that time when it is ready, it would also have incorporated the new cruise centre and integrate itself to the much debated 1 million sq metre Integrated Resort Casino from Las Vegas Sands, the first casino in Singapore due to complete and operate by 2009; and Asia's largest business and financial centre right in Marina Bay.

A check on its website The Singapore Flyer showed that it is underway as expected with photos of its construction progress always updated, even with a live webcam.

This iconic observatory wheel will allow panoramic views of 3 countries at once - Singapore's southern part and our islands, Malaysia and beyond our shores... all the way to Indonesia.

Would definitely be an exciting family outing event for most locals here, the entry ticket price may be steep like the London Eye, but would be worth a try.

A another good place to bring overseas friend too, when they come to visit... Singapore 's Wheel of Fortune.


  1. Singapor seems to be a very interesting place. I would love to visit it one day

  2. You've convinced me that I need to go there some day. It seems to be a beautiful place (even with the bike crime rate :) )

  3. Oh, I'm getting vertigo just thinking about it! I'd love to visit, but only on the condition that I NOT be required to take a spin on the new attraction!

    I'm making the rounds to all of the friends of Dirk this weekend. Nice to met you. I'll be back, if you don't mind!

  4. Imran - I hope it is a positive thing for Singapore. I have my doubts about whether casinos are a positive influence.

  5. Well Imran, we haven't been on the ''The London Eye'' as yet. I haven't been to London for many years.

    It's a fantastic place though.

    Actually, I don't think I could actually go on it...really don't like fair rides and ''high'' things, but I would love to see it close up and just watch everyone else...kind of hold the hanbags if you know what I mean. Ha.

  6. Beautiful post.

    Darned bike thieves...

    Are you bringing us all over to your house for a visit?

    I love parties!

  7. Hello All,

    Great! You guys are here again. Thank you.

    C-Dell | Great. And when you do, tell me and I will wait for you at the airport when you land. Just give a tinker.

    Andrew | Yes! Like I told C-Dell, tell me when you are coming. Maybe you guys can come over when the whole thing is ready.

    I will personally bring you guys around our little island.

    Skeet | Too bad lady. When you are here, you have to take the ride. Its mandatory. I have to sponsor your ride whether you like it or not.

    Care to join C-Dell and Andrew to come to Singapore? Set a date in your calendar.

    Barbara | It definitely is a positive thing with this attraction.

    I have to agree with you on the casino though, there are two sides to the sword.

    How much positive thing to benefit the economy as oppose to the disease of gambling addiction is still debatable and to be seen here.

    Ellen | No excuses Missy. You will have to go on the ride together with Skeet.

    I'm sponsoring you ladies both for rides on the wheel twice! By the time you came back home, you can balance and walk on a tight-rope with no problem at all!

    I'll hold on to your handbags for you in the capsule while you ladies hold on to paper bags... just in case. Haha... just joking.

    Dirk Star | I'll organise one. Just don't come on a bicycle, just all. You may have to go back paddling a unicycle.

    Consider this as you have been forewarned. No insurance claims for bikes here in Singapore.


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