Friday, December 15, 2006

As We Grow

Our Son At East Coast Beach Park September 2005
Well, it is time again for a buying spree that is a must.

I will be going over to St. Hilda's Primary School tomorrow to shop for school books, accessories and uniforms for my son.

Apart from the books needed, I certainly need to buy him a few pairs of his dark blue school shorts. The ones he has been wearing this year have been receding upwards so much through the days as he grows taller, like a bean stalk.

He has been complaining that his white school shoes are now much tighter. Expectantly so as his feet outgrows the oh, so smelly beaten-up shoes. So an added item on the shopping list for two pairs of school shoes and white socks.

Wow, time flies like a supersonic jet airplane nowadays.

I still remember I got to be a child for longer, but children nowadays are prepped to be high achievers when they become adults, so the rush to grab that life's security makes the time flies so fast, you thought you had jump into the future... with the in-between, a blurry past.

Before you know it, your children is almost as tall as you are... deciding for themselves what clothes to wear, would rather stay home or be with friends than tailing their parents; having their own opinions and standing by it. Sigh.

Definitely more to come, as my son grows older and into his teens. The age of uncertainty, the age when a child searches for his or her own identity; the phase in his life I would not want to miss but guide him and provide him with as many pointers as I possibly can for him to figure things out for himself.

Oh, my boy... I remember you as one active toddler, now going to the last stage into Primary 6 and studying for your PSLE exams; then onward to high school the year after.

I have to learn to grow with you. Wow.


  1. Oh, I envy you the journey you're on! Yes, even the teen years; I'd love to go through those again & again with my son. They grow so fast & and it's such an incredible privilege to be a part of that process. Enjoy!

    That's a beautiful picture of a very handsom young man!

  2. My oldest one is 11 now and I can't believe how time has flown! My other son is now 3 months old and I already brace myself for it.
    Between them, my 2 daughters are 5 and 2 --- it just keeps going on.....

    I finally figured out how to leave comments here. I've been visiting regularly, but hasn't been aloud to leave a note --- I'm still not able to change my blog to beta, either. Don't know why.

  3. Imran - Thanks for allowing anonymous comments for a while. My son is 11 years old and in the sixth grade. They really do grow quickly. My son's personality is well formed and the days when I could have a lot of influence on his thinking are in the past. I knoe exactly how you feel.


  4. They sure do grow so fast. It seems like yesterday when I was walking my son to kindergarten. Now he is married with a 2 yr old. All I can say is enjoy every stage of your sons life. Even the teenage years when they seem to know more than parents. I hear your sigh loud and clear. Can you hear mine? Sigh!

  5. P.S. Your is very handsome. I think he looks like you.

  6. Yes forming your own identity is a very important part of life. I struggled with it starting in high school. I feel that now I am my own person, but I may still have some growing to do. Also, does your son go to private or public school. Here in the US you don't pay for books in Public school.

  7. I finally found a way to do this!! No more anonymous notes. :)

  8. I am so excited about the upcoming birth of my son.

    April can not come fast enough.

  9. My kid has 3 more inches to go and he is caught up with me! I know the feeling- time goes by WAY too fast!
    VERY cute picture, by the way!


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