Sunday, December 10, 2006

Roller-Coaster Goat

Genting International - Sentosa IR
I mean, Roller-Coaster Guy.

Alright fine! This old goat is still very much excited about thrill rides.

Bungee jumping was on top of my list but was shot down as quickly as it went up by Wifey. I did not get a blessing, instead I was prohibited by her to give it a try as soon as the two sites were officially up and operational for the thrill seekers in Singapore.

So, this poor soul... who is not getting any younger settled for roller-coasters rides instead. My 40 year old heart may not be able to take it anyway... Sigh

I have always liked riding the roller-coasters. The once famous Singapore roller coaster with the Lion's head in front was my first ever ride I took. It was the most tamed one as compared to the rides these days, but nonetheless the most popular ride... being the only one in old Singapore.

Since then, I took rides in travelling fairs and even the more recent one at Downtown East. The most exciting one Wifey and I have taken was in Las Vegas, on top of a casino building, plunging down. Extreme! Cannot remember what building it was, though.

Kerzner - Oceanarium Attraction
Wifey's legs turned to jelly after the ride, so I had to help her down and walked back to the casino. Awesome!

The rides found here and the one at Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia are considered tame when compared to the ones shown on TV in the US theme parks. I can feel the thrill just by watching it, you would pee in your pants...

I want to pee in my pants!

It definitely is worth the while to get totally embarrassed and to clean yourself after the adrenaline rush. I want to ride those extreme roller-coasters... triple loops, swirls... whatever pants-peeing thrill they can come up with... bring it on! I want to ride them all!

Alright now... now that I have calmed myself down, I can continue with what this post is about.

Theme parks!

Eighth Wonder - Volcano Land Attraction
Target: To ride roller-coasters and survive to live another day by age 45.

Yes, the second IR or Integrated Resort bid to be built in Singapore has been won by Genting International against rivals Eighth Wonder and Kerzner with Harah Entertainment. The resort will take about S$5.2 billion to build and generating 22,000 new jobs, adding S$4 billion of value-add to the economy.

With its win, it will bring along the International Cruise and Universal Studios to Singapore shores! Universal Studios will cover half of the resort land area.

Universal Studios! My family had been to one in Los Angeles, and it was terrific! In 4 years time, we can go there in 1 hour instead of over 20 hours of flight and thousands of dollars of airplane tickets for 3.

It will be built in our resort island Sentosa, connected by Sentosa Rail due to operate in January 2007 from VivoCity. What a family outing experience it will be to be so close to those roller coaster rides! There will be 22 of them, 16 will be new and especially made for Singapore.

There will also be the world's largest oceanarium, with 700,000 species of ocean life and coral reefs. I will be able to view them without having to venture out into deep waters. You know how weird I am of deep waters.

Marina Bay Attractions In Progress
The first of the IR will be built on the mainland in Marina Bay area, called the Marina Bay Sands, the place where The Singapore Flyer is being built and integrated when it becomes operational first by March 2008.

The Las Vegas Sands have clinched the deal to invest US$3 billion to build the resort-casino meant for MICE - Meetings, Incentive, Commercial and Exhibition people, among its other attractions. It will generate about S$2.7 million in our GDP, while creating another 30,000 new jobs here.

Sands Las Vegas - Marina Bay IR
It will be ready by 2009, so I guess my family will be visiting and taking roller-coaster rides here first and at Sentosa the year after that. Sweet!

Target: To keep whole family healthy to be fit enough to enjoy the rides.

Who knows, I may be able to get a staff-price working there when my services are no longer needed in my present workplace. Till then, I hope I will be able stay employed and be able to afford the rides.

Else, I will just be contented to be a porter at Spaceport Singapore. Yeah, yeah I sound corny and like an unpaid ambassador for Singapore Tourist Promotion Board.

Forgive me, I just cannot curb my enthusiasm even at 40. Too passionate about life. That sounds familiar...

Hey wait! Wonder if I can get staff price for that ride to weightlessness... That will be the ultimate ride of my life! This old goat can always dream on...


  1. Looks good, but I am don't think I could ride a rollercoaster when I visit. Some day.

  2. So, when are you having us all over to enjoy a day in the park?

    I love these posts.

    What wonderful sights you share with us.

  3. Beautiful pictures, but I'll stay on the ground with c-dell, lol! I usually ride the kiddy rides at amusement parks.

    Posted something for you. Sorry I didn't have time yesterday.

  4. Hello All,

    Thanks for visiting.

    C-Dell | You are young and fit. All it takes is the ticket price which I will sponsor. Yes you will be lifted off the ground riding it when you are here... some day.

    Dirk Star | In 4 years time. Between now and then, I will have to convince several more people to ride the coasters with me.

    Skeet | Thank you. Totally honoured that you did something for me and such quick timing too.

    I dreamed of going to Hawaii since the seventies when I was little, watching movies on TV. Beautiful sights and exotic culture.

    Imagine living in paradise everyday. Just awesome! Thanks again.

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