Tuesday, December 05, 2006

A Scam Winner!

EuroMillones Website Banner
Got back from work today and get to receive a winning lottery ticket!

Yahoo!!!! Yeah right!

A letter originated from Spain with a beautiful "ESPANA - Correos" stamp pasted on the envelope was amongst the usual bills, bills and more bills. Yes, it is the beginning of the month where I have to part with my money for the services rendered.

The letter... with all its coloured-ink smudges and a "genuine" ink stamp and fresh signature of a Mr. Martins Javivi "President, Lottery Award Board," stated that I had won, brace yourselves... E$488,832.37!

Equivalent to S$1.4 million in a "La Primitiva Europea Milliones Lottery International Promotion Programme" held on 18 June 2006 with a website link called EuroMillones.

Woweee!!!! Sigh. Wish it was all true though...

EuroMillones Scam WarningThe EuroMillones website I surfed has a section that warns people of fake letters and emails with samples of fake winning letters push technique pretty much a copy of what I have in my hand.

For one thing, I have never gambled before, much less entered an international sweepstakes-like lottery from a country I can barely point to on the world map. I am that bad with geography. I am even worst with money.

As I read the almost official-like letter with strong skepticism in the first place, I humoured myself by continuing to read it anyway. I could not help myself but imagined how I should divide my "winnings" as I read it to the end.

My parents' faces were the first that spontaneously flashed before me, then Wifey and then my siblings... then a thought for our orphanage charity organisations.

I just imagined of how the money could have help enrich their lives. They would be so thrilled to receive.

I smiled at myself for actually giving some thoughts and day-dreamed of the happy faces if it was all true. Sigh. Nice thought anyway.

EuroMillones This Week's Jackpot Price MoneyYou know what?! Even though it is an easily-spotted scam, it actually made me happy that I realized and reaffirmed to myself that I am honestly not a selfish person.

I treasure my loved ones and am compassionate about them. I cherish them; their happiness and well-being matter to me.

Every success... in this case, a fake winning unfortunately, would be great and most meaningful when shared with the ones you care and the ones that care about you.

I honestly believe this... no, not the scam, but the sharing of success bit.

Yeah, yeah, you probably think that it is easy to just say something so selfless like this since I did not actually win... and the S$1.4 million price money is not right under my nose to "feel the force, go to the dark side..."

I know me. I like me. I think I am not that bad a person. Money may buy happiness, but I take happiness as I earn it everyday.

Well... at least my son gets to keep this lovely stamp from Spain. Another piece to his collection of stamps, a hobby passed down from me to him when started in my high school days.

I am a winner after all!

Now... how the heck did they get my name and address all the way from Spain anyway?


  1. Thank for stopping by my Sunflower blog and helping me with my exercise!
    Have a great week!

  2. We have those all the time here in the states. we just chunk them and move on with our day.

  3. Money may not buy happiness, you can use it to purchase a yacht and sail right up next to it...

    Hoot of a post!

  4. It's a small world after all. The letter was a nice diversion.

  5. I've had mail and e-mail like this, too. I guess there are some people that fall for them. :)

  6. Want to see some “real” flower power?

  7. Thanks for your support over at my blog Imran. I really appreciate it.

  8. Maybe I have a strong dark side of my own, but I tend to agree with the reflection of yours that acknowledges a strong pull that we humans have when we get too much money, too fast.
    Great post- funny and thought provoking at the same time.

  9. Hey Imran...maybe they heard about your recent spending spree and thought they would help you out.

    Only joking!!!!

  10. Hello All,

    Thank you all for stopping by and leaving your messages.

    Sunflower | You are welcome. Always here to help anyone who wants to get fit and healthy.

    C-Dell | Well, it was my first... but fortunately it was forewarned in the news that such scam was happening.

    It would be great to hold that much money though.

    Dirk Star | You are right, but I'd rather have a property on solid ground.

    Didn't you read my 6 Weird Stuff? I hate deep waters! I'll be at the beach with my beachshorts, though.

    Barbara | You always have the most interesting thing to say. That is why I always come to your blog to get ideas.

    Andrew | Yes! You are absolutely right. There was an auntie who parted with S$4,000.00 of her life's savings she paid to get her "winnings" transacted to a local bank here.

    Things are just too good to be true, most times. Other times, you bang your head for missed opportunity. Sigh. I'd be great if I had won though...

    Matthias | I totally agree with you. Easy come, easy go. But it came and you get to experience it. Only thing, would you loose more than you gained?

    Ahh. That was my dark side talking.

    Ellen | Hey, I think that's it! You are right. I am exposing too much of my "wealth" online.

    How the hack did they get my address anyway...? A 1.4 million-dollar question still unanswered.


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