Thursday, November 30, 2006

IKEA Can't Wait

IKEA Tampines Opening 30 November 2006
Thought I had planned it this weekend, but why wait when I would be passing by one of the places in my weekend list, on my way back home anyway.

So happened that my son called me over the phone while I was just starting my journey back home this evening from work on bus Service 72.

He was with 3 of his cousins swimming at Tampines Swimming Complex and were heading to IKEA Tampines afterwards to have a look-see, and maybe receive door gifts too.

Since I would be passing IKEA Tampines a few stops before my home, I thought I would meet him for dinner there as well. It would be great to see the maga-store than wait for this weekend.

The bus was quite packed than usual, and as I alighted a normally deserted bus stop, there were several people alight with me as well. They were heading to IKEA as well.

IKEA Tampines Opens 30 Nov 2006
Once nearing IKEA, I could see hundreds of people going back while hundreds more were just coming to thyis flagship store. Throngs of cars were lining up at the side of the road queuing to go into the 1,400 free parking spaces it boasted of.

The once quite, Tampines Industrial Wafer factories now buzzing with house-proud families and bargin hunters... and curious people like myself.

The queue to go into IKEA was super long, but thankfully it was a moving line. Fast enough to get into the store and have a look around.

The concept is exactly the same as Alexandra's. The items there were mostly the same ones, with the exceptions of a few innovative items, a signature of IKEA's never-to-fail designs.

I could not help but think of my parents while I was in there. Mom would love to be shopping at IKEA. Maybe I would bring them here instead. After that, we could head down to Pet Safari in Simei to get their hamster cage as well.

IKEA Tampines Self-Service Floor
It would be a great outing on the eastern part of the island for them this Sunday. It is wonderful, just thinking about it!

I picked up a few stuff and did not exceed my $50.00 budget I had mentally prepared myself to spend. I shopped alone. There was no sight of my son, nor his cousins until I was nearly at the checking counter, after about 45 minutes later.

He called again to say they had just arrived. Argh... I had to leave early and buy dinner. One of my nephews was coming to our home after that for a sleep-over.

I had everybody eat Indian Fried Noodles tonight. Now the weekend is open even wider for more activities. Yes!


  1. Is IKEA like Wal-Mart is Here in America?

  2. I looked up IKEA stores to see if there was one in my area, there's nit. I wish there was though, I hear good things about the merchandise.

  3. You've been tagged. It is a blogging game. Check out my latest post to understand.

  4. I LOVE IKEA! I think half my furniture came from IKEA. Half the fun is building your own furniture!

  5. Hello All,

    Thanks for visiting.

    C-Dell | IKEA is like an ingenious D.I.Y but up-market-like Swedish home furnishing store.

    It reminds me of Home Depot in the US with its large warehouse-like store here in Tampines, Singapore.

    Argh! I've been tagged. I guess I will have to divulge my weirdest traits, if it is not weird already.

    Barbara | I like the stuff because it does not cost a lot and the fun of fixing it up yourself.

    There is always something new and they offer free ideas on how to do up your home in tight living spaces like Singapore.

    Dirk Star | I know. Fortunately my home is fully furnished and no new stuff is needed.

    Meander | Yes. The DIY thing is my favourite part because it somehow holds potential to be whatever look you want it be.

    A bonus for me after the purchase. Kind of satisfying once the whole thing is set-up. Designs are clean-cut and easy to maintain.

    Have a great weekend you all!


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