Saturday, December 16, 2006

Breezing Through Saturday

Saint Hilda's Primary School Entrance
Well, it was a good weekend for both Wifey and me.

She came back smiling after her long hard day at the shop. Business was brisk, knowingly so since Christmas is fast approaching. She has been talking excitedly about her day at the shop and interesting people she met. It went nicely for her like a breeze.

So weekends are left with just my son and I.

It would be great if we could spend it together, but as long as the activity is not as exciting as gaming with friends from Briton and the US on XBox Live! or competing in a Japanese Anime Dancing Competition online on with his cousins and his Japanese friends on his PC, then I am left alone to find something to do. Sigh, can never compete with that level of energetic fun.

So, the normal chores.... maintenance cleaning of HamsterVille after breakfast and then thoroughly cleaned ourselves after that. Phew!

Headed off to St. Hilda's Primary School to buy school books and other stuff for my son's Primary 6 schooling next year. The last year in a primary school.

Primary 6 School Books Purchases
I was mentally prepared to persevere through the crowds of parents rushing for books purchases... long and arduous queues after queues, but it was entirely not so. It was a breeze instead.

Within 30 minutes, I was able to complete the purchase of his school books and accessories, onward to purchase 4 pairs of his school uniforms ans socks, and lastly 2 pairs of his white school shoes.

Let me see... S$94.85 for the books, S$42.20 for the uniforms and S$30.00 for the shoes... a total of S$168.00 to start school for one child. Imagine having 3 or 4 children at school-going age. It will cost a bomb here!

Had our lunch at the new KFC branch in Street 82 and was ready for Courts's Superstore Opening Guest of Honour, Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child at Tampines Avenue 10 at 6:00pm... my date for the evening.

As expected, my son refused to go with me to check out the place, he already had plans with his Japanese Anime online friends, so I was alone with Kelly... and a few thousand of shoppers and her fans when I reached the place at about 6:30pm. Yikes!

Courts Superstore Tampines Opening 16 December 2006
Hundreds queued to go into the concert venue and thousands more were queuing to go into the Superstore. Fortunately Singapore Idol - Hardy Mirza was his usual fantastic singer self, as he bellowed-out his signature song when he won the competition.

It eased the madding crowd there. That dude can really sing very well... flawlessly. It is good to know that my investment by voting for him was well spent. Thought it was only S$40.00 initially, but turned out that my son had chalked-up S$68.00 when the bill came.

I made one big mistake to check the store for a while when the concert had a little break in between. By the time I came out, Kelly had sang her songs and left the stage!

I stood her up! Was not a very nice thing to do to a very pretty and talented lady. Not sure when she will come back in Singapore again. Sighing loudly! Oops! Not too loud though, Wifey may hear it all the way from Bugis Village.

So I have to drown my sorrows with songs from the CDs I bought there... U2 18 Singles Singapore Edition for S$11.95, Rick Astley Greatest Hits for S$18.95 and Robbie Williams Greatest Hits for S$9.95.

Man! I still cannot believe it. She came and went, like a breeze...

Oh yes, the superstore is definitely super-sized with super bargains. The gym sets were too expensive with no special offers though. Nonetheless, I think I will breeze through there again to check out the Techno stuff next.


  1. Man, I must really be out of the music loop cause I've never heard of any of these guys.

    I hope my child will help me learn what is current and cool again.

  2. Sorry you missed Kelly, but it seems as if you still had a good time.


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