Friday, December 29, 2006

Wear To Countdown?

Siloso Beach @ Sentosa Island Resort Beach Party
So! After I left the office at 7:00pm this evening, I am looking at 4 days of no-work bliss!

Well, I would have gone home earlier if not for the year-end Physical Inventory that I had to be "a leader" for. So, only when all the counting tags were accounted for and the discrepancies not to alarming a variance, we were "released" to go our separate ways into the festive fun of a long weekend... returning to work only on Wednesday, 3 January 2007. Yes!

And yes, the end of 2006 is so very near!

New Year's Eve @ Expo Singapore MamboHolla PartyTo mark this year's end, there are now so many venues to choose from to celebrate the countdown to 2007... evidently due to the booming economy.

Let me see now... which to choose from... indoors or outdoors...

Wait, indoors need cover charge and more to dancing and drinking... parties for the "yuppies" and the young like NYE@Expo.

Then, there is the teenagers bopping with their heart-throbs in a live concert at VivoCity with local as well as overseas celebrities.

And then there is one on top of Mount Faber where the cable car tower to Sentosa starts. There will be man-made snow fall at the stroke of midnight at the Jewel Box just like on Christmas eve.

Err... too high-class for my blood. More suitable for the elite group with lots of cash to spend while merry making with their families and friends.

There is a more casual and fun countdown at Sentosa Island Resort's Siloso Beach where there will be celebrations with MTV VJs and parties... foam parties for the tanned and toned youngsters, maybe.

Nah! Too young for this old man. Besides, it will never pass Wifey's stringent requirements for an approval on family fun.

Jewel Box @ Mount Faber Cable Car Tower
So the winner, the one at the top of my choice list is Marina Bay! An outdoor event with the largest fireworks at the stroke of midnight as promised come rain or shine... moon-shine that is...err minus the illegal brewing of course, since the fireworks is going to be at midnight.

There will be outdoor celebrations at the heartlands too, with mini fireworks and fun-fairs... a more neighbourly and hassle-free celebrations. A convenient venue since you will not have that much a difficulty to get a ride home on public transport after the celebrations.

For Imran's Family outing, we have to be prepared for the Marina Bay Fireworks!

Countdown Fireworks @ Marina Bay
This year, thousands of lighted-sphere are floating in the bay with written wishes from the many who actually had the chance to write them on the spheres, before it was led to the bay for the synchronised lights extravaganza.

Promised to be visually stunning, with accompanying music while the fireworks light up the city skyline in the hope of having a good 2007 for everyone. A musical celebration afterwards.

That answers where to go for the countdown... now what to wear for the event?

Not that I am vain or there is a dress code, but just to be practical and be prepared for to be as comfortable for that evening. So, light clothing is good as there will be thousands of people congregating around the bay.

Lighted Wish Spheres @ Marina Bay
Then again, the weather can turn wet despite the weatherman's prediction of a dry weekend. So a windbreaker jacket is good to be in the bag standing-by. Oh, yes... a spare T-shirt each for all 3 of us, just in case the rain decides to drench us wet.

A few pieces of hand towels too... check!

Ahh, some snacks and bottled water, since we would not want to move once we got a good spot to watch it from.

And yes, definitely a large umbrella so that I can still keep snapping pictures away in the rain while keeping my previous Lumiz FZ10 camera as dry as possible. Nothing for lightning though, hope there is no rain or lightning... that would be bad. Nasty even.

We expect the trouble of getting home after that, but a small price to pay for a good outing. We can take our time going home since the next day is after all, a holiday.

Lighted Wish Sphere @ Marina Bay City SkylineAll that, after we visited my parents at their home in Woodlands for Hari Raya Haji in Malay or Eidul-Adha in Arabic celebrating their triumph after their pilgrim to Mecca several years ago.

Wonder if my parents want to tag along... and since there will be other family members, maybe they would want to join us at Marina Bay.

We will have a large family gathering outside till the wee hours in the morning, enjoying everyone's company with hot drinks, reminiscing favourite old stories and tired laughter while ushering the new year.

Ahh... The thought is just wonderful. Even greater if every could come.

Happy New Year Everyone!


  1. Here's wishing you a very happy New Year. I hope you find everything you wish for

  2. Wherever you go, as long as you're with family and / or friends, that's what makes it a delightful and memorable evening! (taking pictures always helps with the memorable part!)
    We usually have a game night at church- which may sound boring to some people, but we're seriously a much rowdier group of "church folk" than most churches! It gets very loud down there in the coffeehouse!
    Have a fun time!

  3. You have a lot to chose from. The fireworks thing sounds fun for a family outing. My family and I often go see the christmas lights in the city that is about 45 min away. In fact that city is the oldest in the entire Louisiana Purchase. Fun with family is different from fun with friends. Have fun.

    Happy New Year to you and yours

  4. I need to go there! You sure have a lot more going on than we do here. :)

  5. Happy New year Imran. I'm looking forward to a quiet evening at home as I am still sick. I will curl up in my jammies and blanket and some sort of cocktail. I don't mind. It's kinda nice to have a nice quiet time. Enjoy your festivities.


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