Sunday, December 17, 2006

Raining Through Sunday

Brave Boy Zayan with Aniq on Hari Raya Bus '06
Sunday is Rain Day.

It rained and rained heavily in fact through the day and into the night.

It did not make my job to take my parents - especially my Mon on wheelchair to my eldest Sister's place in Jurong West Street 24 any easier.

Sis was having a simple, family get-together in celebration of her youngest son having had circumcision done at KK Hospital last Monday.

Getting a cab was not an easy and dry affair even while you are under the walkway cover. The wind and mist soon make us wet, not drenching wet, but wet enough to shiver in the air-con cab anyway.

It rained terribly heavy as if Sis' open windows looked like it was made of frosted glass. We could not see the trees across open field. We could not even see the field at all.

The boy of the hour was doing well and most happy to see all his cousins there to greet and accompany him for the day. All his aunts, uncles and gandparents handed him a "reward" for his bravery. Usual in a form of money in a green envelope.

CK Tang The Marriot TowerStaying on the 7th floor, it was interesting to see lightning strikes across the field. And lots of bright white crack-like lines pierching down to the ground. There were so many lightning strikes that a famous landmark tower in the tourist belt area - CK Tang Marriot Hotel got one too many.

At first it was thought that the Christmas lighting were the cause, but the facade was burning while the lights were still on. The tower was hit by lightning and ignited the Chinese tiled roof.

No panic was reported as the Civil Defence Force put out the fire. The shoppers inside still continued their Christmas shopping. An exclusive news from our niece who was working near the building and reported "live" to us over the phone.

On a more mouth-watering note, the food spread done my Sis was extra-special!

Home-cooked meal of traditional Malay dishes abound. Rice with Ikan Asam Pedas gravy, side dish of Ulam Raja and cucumber eaten raw, Chinese Chop Choi and salted fish... the Kampong style dish was just nostalgic.

Time flew by so fast when we enjoyed each other's company. Before we knew it, it was time to leave. It was already late for me as I had to take my parents back to their home from one end of the island in Jurong West, to the other in Woodlands and then back to Tampines.

Just thinking about going to work tomorrow made me sick to my food-filled stomach. Need to sleep it off and then work it off with gym workout tomorrow morning. Sigh.

Hey, for now, one of my favourite time is to sleep on a cold rainy night. Cuddled in bed as the rain drops tap me to sleepy land. Ahh, heaven.


  1. Super-cute kids, there!
    Our weather here has been dry and cool (20-35F)- no snow yet. Typically we have snow by now- usually it is colder, too (I live in Wisconsin, USA). A heavy rain would be almost refreshing!
    Thanks for checking in on me!

  2. Seems nothing will deter shoppers from their sales.

    Sounds like a great family gathering in spite of the storm.

  3. The Weather in Southern United States has been eradic. Sometimes it cold then the next day it is hot. That is global warming for you. It really seems like your family is really close, that is good.

  4. Before I got to the end of your post, I was thinking the same thing --- sleeping is the best to do in that kind of weather. :)

  5. I live thousands of miles from all of my family. Your post stirred up nostalgic feeling for family gatherings of days past. Sounds like a lovely day, even with the rain.

    and I like to crawl under the covers with a good book o a rainy day. Luxusrious!


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