Saturday, December 02, 2006

Six Weird Things

Hurray For Spongebob Squarepants!
Argh! I have been tagged... by C-Dell.

From my last confession of weird stuff I have, I know the list does not stop there. I have plenty more. As if I am not weird enough to many out there, I now have to spill my guts out to disclose my weirdest antics to date. Yikes! But here goes nothing..

The 6 embarrassing thing about me:
  • I love the sea, but am terrified to swim in deep water thinking I will cramp-up and drown.
  • I will not touch anything cooked if I get to see it alive before that.
  • I am most comfortable in my boxer-brief and nothing more. Oops! Too much inside info.
  • I love to take picture of everyone and everything except myself.
  • I love to watch Spongebob Squarepants more than my son. Hey! That reminds me of someone.
  • I still think Barbara Streisand is HOT!
I've Been Tagged!There! I have said it! It is out in the open now... will you still like me? You do? You like me. You really like me.

Oh man, now I have to look for 6 more victims... aha! The Brilliant Blogs list to my right!


  1. I don't think I'd want to divulge embarassing things like that- you got guts, man!
    In the spirit of divulging, I'll admit one thing:
    I enjoy Q-tip cleaning my ears a little too much for it to be normal!

  2. Uh, can you email pics of you in boxers?

    For a friend...

  3. Ah, your list doesn't make you TOOO weird. hehe

    Thanks for helping me with my exercises!

  4. You're not so weird Imran. My daughters best friend is marrying a guy who is 32 and he adores Sponge Bob. He jokinly said he wanted to have Sponge Bob incorporated into the wedding. Maybe he was not joking? Should be interesting to see if Sponge Bob makes an appearance during the nuptials.

  5. Imran MD -- what is so embarrassing about being afraid you will cramp and drown in deep water? That's not so embarassing. . .unless of course you come from a society of deep water divers and your manhood is dependent on your comfort in the deep water.

    Thanks for visiting and commenting on "It's All About Being Loved." Hope you'll visit again.

  6. I love SpongeBob too - he's a hoot!

  7. This is funny! I'm the same as you except the 6th one --- don't know about that :)

  8. i bet you look better in your boxers than dirk does in his thong. but don't tell him i said so.

  9. I hope it's ok that I put your blog on mine as a link- I just think it's funny and thought-provoking; and all the people that comment seem very colorful and interesting!

  10. Hee hee. Not weird at all Imran. I have far worse on my ''weird'' list that's for sure.

    Not that I'm going to divulge them right now, although I may do when I'm in one of my cheeky moods.


    As for Spongebob, I've always thought the little dude has an evil that's weird.

  11. Hello All,

    Thanks for coming by and allow me to embarrass myself to the world.

    C-Dell | You are always welcome. I'll support you anytime Bro.

    LP | I think I may have over-doing it just a tat.

    Yikes! That means I have one more weird thing to add onto my list. I enjoy the Q-tip int the ear a lot too... There I go again.

    Hurray! I am most glad that you put a link. These are the Brilliant Bloggers I am most happy to associate myself with. I hope they feel the same way about me though...?

    Anyway, I should thank you for doing that. Thank you!!!

    Dirk Star | For you Bro, anything... except this.

    Like I said, I take pictures of many things except myself. If I did, it wouldn't be a pretty sight. Trust me, I saw me.

    Deejay | So glad your weird standard is high, else I will be left with no friends after this post.

    Exercise is in my high priority list to me and to anyone who wants to stay fit and healthy. So I am most glad to help.

    How's the pulse rate going?

    Wandi | What a great idea! Be cautious though, remind the dude that Spongebob has a way of making the situation turn bad unintentionally... though he will redeem himself, but always after a catastrophe.

    Not a pretty sight during a wedding reception, I think. What do you think?

    Mrs. Joseph | You know what? You are absolutely right! I feel better now. Less one item on my weird list.

    You always talk sense. That is what I like about your blog. Thanks. I'll stop by again. You can count on me.

    Barbara | I thought so. I know you love Spongebob. With your most admired credibility in your work, I will strike another item off my list.

    I am feeling so much better now. I thought I was having a mid-life crisis by being a little too young at heart.

    Andrew | Ever since I watched "Funny Girl" and "What's up Doc" when I was younger, I have always loved her.

    And when I watched her concert video in Anaheim, I fell for her all over again. That powerful voice. That humour and intelligence. That nose... Did I say nose. No, strike that. She's hot in "Meet The Parents 2!"

    Meander | Oooh, I don't want to picture that. Dirk's a star, but I'd rather have him like Zappa; with the top hat and fully dressed... with a trench-coat too.

    There! I feel much better when I look at his profile photo again. And yes, it'll be our secret.

    Ellen | Alright Missy! I will hold you to that! I need to know your weird stuff too, so that I can feel normal.

    Cheeky mood setting in yet...? What about now...? Now...? Alright, then I'll wait.


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