Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year!

Where have all the time gone to? What have I accomplished for myself and for my family?

So many things in retrospect that I would have done differently, then again so many I have cherished and would not trade them for the world. Things that I did that made me truly happy and things I wished I had not done that made that tinge of regret stuck in me.

I guess this is life and I have to be grateful for the good and the bad... the balance of it all. Grateful that I had that balance in my life this past year. It could have been worse. I do hope these total opposites have made me a little wiser so that I can face and brace myself and to guide my family into the new year and beyond safely, excitingly and happily as a unit.

Here's wishing all, a Happy New Year! A year full of happiness, good health and success; always close to family and dear friends, to have the opportunities to share all of these with.

Congratulations to my dear friend Kylita and Hubby!
May the heavens bless your beautiful soul.
For you always make me feel good about myself.
Thank you my dear friend.