Thursday, December 07, 2006

What Just Happened?

Coffee Spill Frustration
It was the best of times. It was the worst of times.

This evening was just plain... silly.

It was the best of times when the clock hit 5:30pm and I was ready to call it a day. The day went well, nothing major. Nothing I could not handle. I left work to catch the 6:00pm bus at my usual stop along AMK Avenue 5. I was happy.

It was the worst of times when my EZ-Link card was refused with a loud beep and a display that said "blah, blah, blah... Please Pay Cash."

So I had insufficient funds in my bus-tap card, so I had to pay S$1.50 in cash instead for the bus fare to go home. Reached my pants pocket and could only fork out 80 cents. Insufficient loose change in my darn pocket. Oops! The bus had by then started to move on and I was blushing.

Fine! I'll pay with a S$2.00 note from wallet then! Reached out for my wallet and opened to see no small notes, but a single S$50.00 instead. Insufficient small notes in my darn wallet?! Oops again! Now I was flustering.

By now I was the live scene for an otherwise boring bus ride to the passengers on the lower deck.

"How much can my 80 cents take me?" I asked the bus driver softly with a forced smile.

"A few stops at most..." the bus driver replied, "why don't you ask anyone if they have change for your note?" He nicely offered a suggestion, thinking I had maybe a $2.00 or $5.00 note that I could ask the other passengers if they had.

I could not. I could not bring myself to start going from one seat to another to see if anyone had small change. I did not think they would want me to do so either. Everybody was tired and rather be left alone.

"Sorry. Could you please let me off at the next stop?" I asked nicely, which he did. So there I was with the only solution... take a cab home.

A Wallet Of Mess
The day had to start drizzling while I was flagging a cab by the road side. When I got one and boarded after a few minutes of waiting, I asked the driver if he had change for a $50.00.

"Sorry, I just started my shift." The cab driver replied and let me off a distance away. Sigh. What the hack is going on here?!

I finally got another cab without getting myself dripping wet. Took me to Tampines Bus Interchange where I topped-up my EZ-Link card and bought 3 sets of Laksa - a Malay noodle with thick coconut milk gravy from QiJi, for dinner.

Finally, I boarded and got a seat on a crowded feeder Service 293 bus heading for home, finally. Phew!

Phew?! More to come.

For some strange cosmic reason this evening, I was a klutz. Lifting my finger off the stacked Laksa, the food-pack toppled and landed onto the bus floor. Fortunately, it had tight lids so my dinner did not create patches of hot work of art onto the standing passengers' pants and shoes.

Sigh. What more can they do to me...?

It was already embarrassing to create such a commotion with all curious eyes looking at me, it was even worst when I had to bend down to catch those rolling bowls from bursting hot Laksa everywhere.

"Oops! Sorry... Oops! Sorry..." were the only words I could come up with while maneuvering my reach amongst the many legs of pants and skirts. OMG!!! My heart screamed loudly and angrily. What is going on here?!

Gathered my composure once all the food was back in the plastic bag. Looking out the window, pretending nothing happened. Gulped!

Finally reached home, oh so sweet home! Glad my little journey home ordeal was over.

Prepared the table for dinner when I spilled the Laksa on the kitchen counter and stopped to think... now that did not just happened! What the he....!

Spilled a little more Laksa gravy on the dining table and exclaimed, "Holy shi...!" What just happened!

I was a total klutz the whole evening! I could not believe myself. I had officially freaked myself out! I laughed out-loud angrily... yeah, that did not make sense, but I laughed angrily.

It had been a phenomenal 3 hours of sorts until the jinx faded away. It was a long 3 hours of whatever it was. I have to sleep this off. Note to self - do not take stupid pills tomorrow.

Oh yes, I choked on my Laksa when it went "down the wrong tube." It was not a pretty sight. Sigh...

How did you evening go? Better than mine, I hope.


  1. Relax, it is simply the universe clearing away some karmic clutter so you can have a very Merry Christmas...

    Be grateful it was not rougher.

  2. I know how that is. I often have similar days. My dorm is on the very edge of campus. So some day I forget a lot of stuff. Two days ago I got half way down stairs when I realized I had forgot my wallet. which contains my meal card. Went and got that. THen forgot my glasses. Then had to go all the way back to my dorm 5 min till class starts. finally I get to my class and realize I forgot my belt. Crazy. I also laugh when I get really frustrated. It happens to us all.

  3. My day was way better than yours, and my fay wasn't that great.

  4. yeah that's one bad day. I think we've all have had those days. Hell, I have to drive 35 miles one way to get to work.

  5. Ha Imran. You are so funny, but I will make you feel better with my latest bus ordeal!!! I was waiting in the pouring rain on Tuesday and I flagged my bus down. There was another lady with me and she had her arm out too. The bus had about 5 passengers on and started to slow down by us, went through a huge puddle, soaked us both and carried on without stopping!!!!

    The other lady shouted wors I will not repeat and I just stood there speechless...yes, Ellen was speechless.

    The week before, I took my dog on the bus and as I was paying my fair she stole a ham sandwich out of a passenger's hand and gobbled the lot. Now that was EMBARASSING. What could I say????

    So fear not Imran, you are not the only klutz around...ha.

  6. Hello All,

    So happy you guys are here.

    Dirk Star | Thanks Bro. you calmed me down. I have faith in your karma.

    A very Merry Christmas to you too, dear friend.

    C-Dell | I know, I know. Interesting though you can't do anything about it but just sit still and ponder... why the hack you are a total klutz today?

    Sunflower | It was interesting reminiscing about it. It wasn't a pretty sight when it was happening. I can tell you that.

    Phew! It has passed behind me. No more taking stupid pills for me.

    Barbara | Glad you day went well. I wouldn't want to go through it again. Normalcy is fine with me.

    I will write boring posts instead, but I'll take boring than frustration and embarrassment any day.

    Chucky | Oooh... 35 miles one way! Ouch! That's tough. I spend 35 minutes on my journey home, and someone is driving while I get to day dream.

    OK Bro, your have it tougher than mine. I have to admit. Drive safely though.

    Ellen | Oh dear Ellen. I'm sorry you had to be washed by the rain and the bus driver.

    On a serious note, here in Singapore, you just take down the bus number and location where it happened, and log a complaint with the bus company.

    You will definitely get a good response from them and the steps they take to rectify it from happening again. Honestly.

    OK, with the pooch. Just consider it as snacks on the bus. Give the poor dog a break. Did you say... "sorry" for the snatching and "thank you" for the meal?

  7. but what a post!
    Congratulations on having a rant of the year...


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