Saturday, December 09, 2006

Pieces Of Heaven

Today was full of happy people who found and felt pieces of heaven here on earth, even for a brief moment. Let me count the ways...

We went to my youngest brother's place to celebrated their daughter's arrival with a religious Cukur Rambut ceremony, about a month after Alya Kalysa's birthday. From their happy faces, the proud parents must know they have been given a gift from heaven.

Heaven was the word described when I tasted the buffet spread. I had been starving myself with only breakfast in anticipation of the more delicious food spread abound at my brother's place for a late lunch.

True enough Nasi Minyak and spread of delicious cakes were there for the taking! I know I sounded like a glutton. I shamefully was one... being that hungry and all. The food tasted 10 times better when you are hungry.

Visiting Alya Kalysa At Changi HospitalThe girl of the hour, Alya Kalysa was ever so bubbly. For a month old baby, she is already recognising faces. And were there so many strange-looking faces surrounding her all the time.

Knowing Wifey, she would probably make those cute faces and baby talk again if she saw Kalysa this afternoon, but she was not present. What is the word... Ellen from Coffee Granules taught me? Ah, broody... whenever she is around babies.

She was unfortunate to attend as she had to be at our shop, now more than ever, with the count-down to Christmas sales heating-up to the 25th. Fortunately though, for the business opportunity.

So it was my son and I together with my parents, joined my siblings and relatives from my brother's wife's side there, and about 30 odd guests of friends. Yes, his house was packed with happy faces and scatters of children running about.

I was all stuffed with food and sleepy afterwards; my parents and I, minus my son who refused, "but why would I be interested in a bunch of furniture anyway..." excuse not to follow us once his circle-of-cousins was formed and complete. He was staying over at Sengkang after that. He was like in heaven.

IKEA Tampines Huge Signage
Off we went to IKEA Tampines as promised. Both Mom and Dad were awed by the sheer size of the store. I could understand their amazement. Living in a small island, we were used to downscaled... everything.

I felt the same when I first entered Home Depot in Dayton, Ohio. Being in a store full of tools, and the smell of pine, oak wood.... That was my heaven. I could come-up with so many different reasons to do home improvement projects if there was one Home Depot store in Singapore.

I would have spent days ogling the stuff the huge store had, if not for Wifey's nagging that her legs were tired from all that walking.

Coming back to Singapore... we spent about 3 hours in IKEA. My parents really liked it there. I observed them from afar as they spent their time as a couple, immersed in their own discussions, taking their time going from one display to another, thrown-in a few jokes here and there.

The Love-Birds At IKEA TampinesThey were enjoying each other's company like newly weds setting their first home. The couple found a piece of heaven again with each other. Heart-warming sight that I got to see.

We had to trash our next plan to go to Pet Safari at EastPoint Mall in Simei since the love-birds liked it so much there. It was already almost 9:00pm and pets at Pet Safari would call it a day by 9:00pm. Guess Mom's larger hamster cage will have to wait another week.

We headed to Causeway Point at Woodlands instead to have our late dinner. Dad wanted KFC Colonel's Fish & Chips, so all 3 of us ended with the same meal.

IKEA Tampines Market HallSent them home and came back about 11:00pm to an empty home. As it turned out, Wifey had a good day at the shop too. With brisk sales whole day, she had one good sale even while she was closing the shop.

"I felt like in heaven today..." She exclaimed across the bedroom while she was getting out of her work dress.

She had repeated complements by her many Customers today for having unique products that they love and for especially her signature personalised service to them. She was on cloud nine... a wide smile from ear to ear melting away her otherwise tired look from her long and busy day.

It was a good Saturday for all of us, here. A high for me as compared to a few days ago when I had The Worst Of Times. We thank The Almighty for these blessings.


  1. I am glad that you had a good time. Congrats to your brother. I love to eat. I may be a glutton as well. I don't get to eat as much, but when I do.

  2. See,everything works out on the great wheel of karma.

    Good post!

  3. I like your enthusiasm for life. Nice post!

  4. Imran, I didn't ring your bell to get you to look at paid ads. That's just what I do to keep the lights on & (ahem) you can scroll right over them unless they're for something you want. No, I was calling you to this:

  5. Some more little pieces of heaven - just for you!


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