Monday, December 11, 2006

Courts Your Attention

Courts Megastore Tampines Opening 16 December 2006
For sometime now, residents in Tampines have been buzzing excitedly about the 3 mega stores that are to sprout along Tampines Avenue 10.

IKEA Tampines has successfully lured crowds of thousands every weekend since its opening on 30 November 2006.

Following this, will be Courts Megastore which will open its doors this Saturday, 16 December 2006. Just wonder if the same sensation is felt with its opening day as with IKEA, since its merchandise are wide-ranged; from furniture to electrical goods, from car accessories to health equipment - my personal favourite and a must see.

Courts Megastore Tampines Entrance
Being a Courts member... registered to get a further discount when my Mom bought her two 32 and 20 Inch LCD TVs at Courts Causeway Point in Woodlands, I received an invitation letter to be the first few guests to have a preview before the opening between Wed and Friday, 13 to 15 December 2006.

With it, one will get to enjoy up to 70% discount on purchases and maybe the elusive hamper worth S$88.00 for the first 300 guests.

I have absolutely nothing to buy!

No reason to have anything replaced or added to this home... except maybe a few plates of rubberised weight-plates for my dumbbells.

The ones I have now make too much of a clanking noise when I do my workout early in morning... waking up my light-sleeper son most times and must have definitely woken-up my tolerating downstairs neighbours too.

Yeah, yeah... excuses, excuses...

Promised to self not splurge exceeding S$80.00. Scouts honour... wait, I was never a scout. Guess that did not count.

Courts Megastore Tampines Food Court Wonder what the other residents of Tampines will spend their money on this weekend.

If there is still money left to spend, by end of December - with the 13th month bonus being given to many, the third megastore will open. Adjacent to IKEA Tampines and across the carpark is Giant Hypermart.

This is personally the most practical convenience for me.

It would be near enough to get to from my home - a mere 2 bus stops away, shopping for food provisions, with its specialty of Malay foodstuff from neighbouring Malaysia, it will be the most frequented place.

Kelly Rowland of Destiny's Child LIVE!I can pick up a few stuff on my way home from work and have dinner there at its food court now and then.

Thankfully, the convenience is getting better by the day. We once again feel we chose the right place to set-up home in Tampines.

Oh yes, on exciting thing I almost forget to mention, I have a date with Kelly Rowland from Destiny's Child.

Unfortunately, so do thousands of other fans of hers when she makes a guest appearance on 16 December there.

We count our blessings. Life is good. I'm a survivor, I'm a...


  1. I knew that was going to be a danger when I wrote the post. Someone would be touched in a not so positive way.

    I am not anti-you or your choice of faith. I am tired of a particular region of the world doing horrible things in the name of a religion.

    There is a terrible war brewing in the world...

    Everybody is standing still in fear afraid to talk about it or about the people bringing it about.

    I certainly do not agree with the way my leaders have handled the early phases of the conflict. But the conflict is not one sided.

    Hiding behind religion does not make a group immune from criticism. And that is something I am not happy about.

    Hitler did the same thing. He attacked the world and everytime someone said anything he blasted them as being the aggressor.

    Never is it healthy to deny the holocaust. It did happen. Never is complete religious intolerance a sign of healthy leadership.

    Ahmadinejad, the leader of Iran says yesterday that Israel must, and will be erased from the face of the earth. This indicates a great sickness...

    I am simply one angry voice who says enough... We simply can't stand frozen in the road by the headlights as the on coming car runs us down.

    This is not a comment I expect you to post!

    I tried to attack the beast without attacking the individuals. So far that has been the trap. Everyone is afraid of attacking the beast for fear of injuring individuals.

    It is a vexing problem for the writer who wishes to speak...

    You are my blogger friend. I don't care what you believe, I care how you act. You have always acted with compassion, and I respect you because of that.

  2. P.S. Watch out for the super stores!
    They attack the wallet!

  3. Wow, your city is really growing. That has got to be exciting for you.

  4. Read your post in Dirks blog. I have added you to my daily reads. I look forward to reading much more from your city... where are you anyway?

    BTW - I agree with Dirk.

  5. that looks like a nifty place to shop! i love how you show us around where you live.

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  8. Oh,dear! Someone is posting not-nice stuff to my friend Imran & tha'ts gonna piss me off!

    It appears the economy must be booming in your area. That's good for everyone. Hope you don't get too carried away with all the pretty, shiney new things!


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