Tuesday, December 12, 2006

And Two Makes...

VivoCity Facade
Darn it! I know that is not the word I should start my post with, but... darn it.

I thought we had separated them all between the two genders, but somehow, a couple slipped through the cracks of my policy as Mayor, of abstinence. Oh, I am talking our citizens of HamsterVille.

We just had babies a few days ago. Fortunately there were only 2... which makes out to be 41 permanent residents in a little town not far away from home. In fact HamsterVille is in our home... at our service balcony.

The same thing happened to my parents adopted "children" too. We thought we had paired the hamsters to be both females, but then 5 "little cuties" as my Mom puts it... she does not know what coming; came out to greet my parents.

And then there were 7! Yikes!

I felt guilty when she broke the "happy news" to me over the phone. My parents will now have an infestation of hamsters looming in their home. Oh, man!

Pet Safari At VivoCity Opening
So, this Sunday, I have made a date with my parents to accompany them to buy a larger hamster cage to accommodate these 7 cute beings, and eventually separate them into their respective genders.

The father has to be separated first. The children will be next when the babies are old enough.

Since we have to deal with the population explosion, we might as well enjoy the ride. So, enjoy the ride we will. I intend to bring my parents to the newly opened Pet Safari at VivoCity.

My Mom wanted so much to see the newly opened shopping mall. The roof-top garden with the very large wadding pool overlooking the Harbour Front Bay should be especially interesting to them. We can have Yong Tou Foo for dinner there. I am sure my Dad would love it.

My son will definitely enjoy the wadding pool like before, making more new friends since it is still the school holiday. Wifey will be at the shop as always. Makes we sad she will miss the outing again. Sigh.

VivoCity Rooftop Deck Overlooking PSA
I always feel guilty when my son and I have fun together without her. I need to go over to help her out at the shop this Friday after work. get dinner for her and at least spend some time with her outside the house. She should be happy.

Anyway, it is thrilling just thinking about the great time we will have this weekend. Hope it does not rain, though.

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