Monday, December 18, 2006

Monday Was Swell!

Tooth Anatomy
And swell it did.... painfully.

I am talking about my gums. Alright now, this post is only for me figuring out a stupid question on how I was able to let my gums... you may want to click on any of the links listed in my Brilliant Blogs category on the right. No need to read this further.

Fine! Either you will have a lingering disgust on why I need to post this or knock your head onto your keyboard falling asleep reading it. You have been warned.

Yesterday was a great family-reunion sort of day. This morning I felt like crap! Pardon the word used, but I really felt the painful crap in my gums.

For several days now I thought I was getting mouth ulcers around the lower-right gum. I was prepared for it as I get mouth ulcers so often, it would not surprise me if I had a mouthful bursting like popcorn. Yes, the excruciating bursting ulcers.

I know I get them when I do not get enough rest or do not sweat out enough during my workouts. I have to rid my bodily heatiness out to avoid getting one. That is another story altogether.

The affected area was especially tender these few days, but was a little more intense the night before with a bit of swelling. Woke up this morning to a painful attack just to open my jaw, I even developed two tender "lumps" under my right jaw.

I reported sick for work today and only gotten a dental appointment in the afternoon. Knowingly so, when everyone are rushing to claim dental fees before the privilege lapses for the year.

Tooth Abscess Toward Critical StageDr. Razalley confirmed my suspicion of gum infection on the 3rd molar, but with abscess. You mean with pus? Yikes!

Eew! I have never had an infection before... now I have a pool of bacteria in my gums!

He asked me to brace myself while he "burst" the abscess along the gum-line as he did the general cleaning. How disgusting was that?! No, not the dentist, my gum! Though I am sure he was disgusted with me. Where have I gone wrong with my oral care?

He pierced the gum-line with a short, sharp pain and soon enough I felt the pressure from the fluid-filled swell subsided. So did the pain. Phew! Dr. Razalley, my hero.

I was told... yet again, that I brushed a little too hard, but with all my zest of trying to clear off stubborn plague, I was still unable to clean the hard-reached places effectively. Thus the infection... and timely enough within the six-monthly check-up too.

I was fortunate that my tooth is still "alive" and the abscess was along the gum-line and not in the pulp or I would have my wisdom tooth pulled out or a root canal to save it.

Double Yikes! I need all the wisdom I have left to stay within me. My weak memory is not helping me at all. I am of course joking here, but no joke about tooth decay, though.

My dentist gave me Amoxil for antibiotics, Tolpa to stop the swelling and Poustan to take, if I still feel pain. The medication amounted to S$30.00 while the general cleaning was another S$40.00. Too bad I had already claimed the whole S$100.00 dental care for the year in June.

A good thing I enjoyed eating lots of good food yesterday. For the next few days, I will settle for lesser, picking only soft food to chew on the left side until the swelling is gone.

What a swell time today has been. I have to rethink how I should brush my teeth again after 40 years or personal oral care. Braun electrical toothbrush could note help me...

Hey, you are still awake and actually read this far. Impressive! No nauseating sensation, no regret wasting time reading this post. Thanks for indulging me.


  1. Hey- I didn't get around to reading your tragic dentistry story until today- agh! I feel I am in a position to be pretty sympathetic- I'm finally eating real food after several days of ice-cream and soup- (I had several chicken pox in my mouth- a few right on the gum line)- so I can really relate to the sensation. Hope you're feeling better real soon. Eat some chocolate pudding- mmmm!

  2. Owie & ick! Glad you got it taken care of before the tooth was lost. I'm in a losing battle with my teeth and gums. :0(

  3. I have had a lot of success with a Sonicare toothbrush (and I've had a lot of trouble with receding gums and plaque). Give it a shot - you don't have to press hard or scrub at all!

  4. Hello All,

    Thank you for coming by. A very big thank you for actually enduring the read.

    LP | So glad to hear that you are up and about, and sound so much better now. The pox can never dampen your spirits. That's great.

    Yes, I will award myself with some chocolate pudding and some other yummy stuff that has chocolate in it!

    Skeet | Thanks. You know that I have not figured out the best way to preserve my choppers for as long as I possibly can.

    Like you said, like fighting a loosing battle, it seems.

    Anonymous | Thank you. I can see the light now! The answer may lie in the sound.

    Yes! Sonicare. I have heard about it. I will definitely give it a try. It certainly worth the effort. I need a resolution for effective cleaning without having to edge off my teeth from hard scrubbing while brushing.

    Thank you again for this lead. I will give it a shot. It's a good thing.

    What is bad is that you guys are going to hear a sequel about this.

    Happy Holidays!

  5. geeeee....Poor you! I hope you feel better now...I was gonna give u on you from the second para but i thought what the heck like I have anything better to do...
    Anyhoos hope you feel better and well that's it :)

  6. Hello Sweet Cheeks,
    Thank you for coming by.

    Yes, it was terrible for me. Quite surprised you were able to endure the write-up thus far.

    Thank you for the well wishes. Happy Holidays.


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