Thursday, October 20, 2011

They Have Arrived

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They are back. I saw them this morning as the cab I was in passed the open fields on my way to work.

I was running late yesterday. Late for the usual morning bus to get to work. So I had to take the cab to work instead. That was purely my fault. I intentionally left home late and made up for time to reach work by taking the cab... a fifteen minute ride as compared to the bus of quarter of an hour, not including the waiting time.

Intentional, since this body needed some adrenaline rush from a good boring workout on my home-gym. Just that I needed it, so I forked out fifteen dollars worth for the cab fare instead of one tenth of the cost if I were to take the bus. Well, it was worth it every time... for me.

This morning was not the same case. I wished it was because I felt I needed a much longer than the usual half-hour workout. This morning, Wifey woke me up.

"Are you going to work today?" she asked gently as she tapped my shoulder lightly.

It has been raining on and off for several weeks now. With it, came the cool weather, so conducive for sleeping. But that wonderful after effect also brings with it, the bad side of things... mosquitoes!

Wifey and I did not get much sleep last night because we were awakened by the bites and had to wake up twice last night to spray insecticides before we could get any sleep again.

"We must install the ceiling fans for the bedrooms." Wifey's dazed qualm while as covering her face with the blanket, as I got back into bed after spraying the room.

Air-conditioning would definitely do the trick because the whole room is enclosed but both Wifey and I do not like it. We prefer the natural air flow when its cool or just have the tower fan turned on when the weather gets a little too hot. Anyway, it is better for the environment without the air-conditioning blasting the whole night.

"Yes," I replied whole-heartedly, "maybe this weekend, we'll shop for it."

I had my ten minutes of workout which amounted next to nothing, so I was not that happy because I did not feel invigorated as if I had my, at least, thirty. That was as much I could steal time away before I had to rush to work.

It was fortunate that I did not even have to wait to flag for one, I approached the curb, two cabs were there for me. Such good timing.

I got into the cab happy as I know I would not reach work late. The traffic was smooth... no slow ride or had to stop at the many traffic lights along my route... thirteen to be exact. Thirteen traffic junctions from the time the cab exits Tampines Expressway, all the way to work in Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5.

That was the time I saw them. And my heart melted.

The first one was spotted at the open field along Sengkang East Road, just after exiting TPE. The lone one as usual like the last time.

"You're back." I whispered to myself and gave me a wide smile.

Spontaneously, I looked out for more of them at the other open fields along Buangkok Green...

True enough. They are here again or the months to come.

I saw another four, then another. I counted them all as fast as I could as my cab passed the fields. Altogether, there were 16 of them . I missed looking out to the vast open field on the other side of the road. There it would be whole flock of them... the Great Egrets, also known as Siberian White Cranes!

Their white plumes reflecting the morning sun, tens and easily over a hundred, dotted against the background of pure green. A serene picture to behold, a snapshot of beautiful, tranquil nature for me to take with me for the day, to my fast paced job.

"They have arrived!" I thought to myself, almost gleaming as I got off the cab, apparently I had arrive for work, in time.