Tuesday, November 28, 2006

One Bittersweet Weekend

SITEX 2006 PC Show 30 Nov to 3 Dec 2006
In spite of the impending holocaust that is going to sweep through my workplace, my excitement of the events coming-up this weekend is never dampened.

In fact, as the days grew near to this weekend, there are just too many better things to do than sulk at the inevitable. Sooner or later, but the inevitable.

So, until that black cloud hovers over me, the sun is still shining and no one will rain on my parade this weekend with my son. Yeah, yeah... Wifey has got to work.

There are so many activities planned for this weekend.

Friday night, I will stop by Wifey's shop to put up festive decorations for Christmas sale. It will be a long night as the deco can only start to be put up after business hours.

Saturday morning, we will visit IKEA Tampines to join in their flagship mega store opening celebration. No items to buy, but chances are, there will be lots of temptation to make a purchase from all that sales items.

IKEA Catalogue EntranceSaturday afternoon, my son and I will head down to SITEX 2006 for the latest and real bargain hunting electronic gadgets to be owned. As promised, my son wants his 160GB Harddisk to beef-up his PC while I wish to take a look at DOPOD's range of PDAs to call my own. Just hope I can control myself not to over-spend...

It is like a Black Friday, but a Singapore's male version of it.

Sunday morning, will be the toughest. It is that time again to do spring cleaning for the whole of HamsterVille. Yike! Not a fun task but should be nice enough because I will be doing it with my son.

Sunday afternoon, will be with my parents. Since it already pay day, I will be with them for outings and visit the pet shop since my Dad want to have a bigger cage for their adopted hammies.

It is going to be such a wonderful weekend. I am solid booked for fun with the ones I love!

I love my life... however high and low the points may be thrown at me. As long as I have my health, I promise myself I will make good and full use of the times and opportunities that I am given.

Enjoy your life. There is always hope. There is always salvation when you are with your loved ones and being guided by The Almighty.

Have a great weekend. Have a wonderful life.


  1. Glad that you are not letting the whole work thing get you down.

  2. Hello Both,

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Lizard Princess | Can I call you LP?

    You can say that again! Weekend is when I light-up. Friday and Saturday being the brightest. Dims down by Sunday afternoon... and sick to my stomach by Monday morning. My weekly cycle of life.

    C-Dell | I would like to think so, then again... maybe I'm in denial.

    I have to stay positive. Weekends and being with my family and parents are the best thing I could possibly do to recharge and face reality again every weekday.

    Hope you guys are having a good week.


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