Friday, February 04, 2011

New Day Rising

While the Chinese folks celebrate their first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year of the Rabbit, this Malay family made the most of the long weekend holiday to a "magical" camping and barbecue at East Coast Beach Park.

Joined Wifey's sisters to a barbecue... thought it was suppose to be just that but it turned out everybody present did not want to call it a day to go home. Instead we stayed on, already armed with tents and sleeping bags.

Fully stocked on fresh seafood for the barbecue, lots of snacks and both cold and hot drinks. We were set and very happy having our "family reunion" Malay-outdoor style.

The day was perfect. A good chance of rain was expected, after all, it rained non-stop for two days in the past week and on and off for the most part of the thereafter. It miraculously, did not rain that night. It was even cooler and windy instead... the weather was perfect.

After a long night of fun and sibling bonding, we get to witness the sunrise from the shores of East Coast Beach. The morning was quiet. A stark contrast to the loud laughter and singing by the picnickers all through the night and into the wee hours of the morning.

Every awakened eye watched patiently as the darkness broke into streaks of dim colourful lights and the eventual globe of fiery orange light that broke through the clouds in the horizon to reveal a new day.

It made me feel blessed to get to sit and watch a miracle unfolded right on the beach. It has been such a long time since I took a moment such as this not for granted... a beautiful moment that happens every day, only to be appreciated.

Backed by the soothing sounds of not a single soul but only the waves crashing, and Wifey beside me, it made me feel good to be alive. Happy New Day!