Saturday, November 18, 2006

Here We Go...

Banquest Foodcourt at EastPoint Shopping Mall
Yes, here we go again.

This morning, I woke up several times from the squeaks from Hamster-Ville.

Yes, many "residents" there are maturing and they fight for space. As "Mayor" of HamsterVille, I have no choice but to "build" more homes to cool the situation down.

I am out of my mind now because I just cannot bare to see these hamsters of ours fighting over territory and dominance so viciously that the dominant ones keep hurting a few "targets" relentlessly.

So, with a light headache from several interrupted night sleeps, today is the day I brave myself to further invest on more cages and stop procreation at its infancy.

Yes, it is kind of late when you have 39 little cute rodents infesting your service balcony, but stop it, I must!

Off my son and I went to Pet Safari at EastPoint Shopping Mall in Simei this afternoon.

Pet Safari Mall Entrance at EastPpoint Shopping MallHad our dinner at Banquet and started shopping for more cages.

The two sales ladies who served us the not so long time ago, were surprised that we came back again for more cages.

We just bought two cages less than 2 weeks ago, with my post Circle Of Life.

I spent a total of S$123.90 on 2 big cages that cost me S$45.00 each, 3 sand-bath containers, 2 medium water bottles and a bag of Hamster food, after a 5% discount with a membership card.

The bullied ones will just have to brace themselves for tonight...

For tomorrow is going to be a new beginning... well a big project with my son, to separate the present 2 cages of males from the females.

We have to stop this fast-moving, exasperating Circle... Cycle Of Life in my service balcony!

We will take care of them with "full-board accommodation" and unconditional T.L.C. in exchange for their calibacy.

Sorry "citizens" of HamsterVille... the buck stops here! Well... tomorrow morning.

Wish us luck! The ladies at Pet Safari did. Sigh.


  1. Good luck! Did I read this right --- you have 39 of these? Wow!

  2. 39 hamsters are a lot of hamsters!

  3. Wow. that's quite a large family buddy. Good luck in your renovations of hamsterville.

  4. It's nice that someone I know loves hamsters too. I do too. I had a pair that I used to call Tarzan and Jane. They bore babies 6 of them. I just kept a pair then gave the rest away as a gift. These two new pairs bore kids too and before I knew it I could do business with it. But with the coming of my grandson, I had to let go of them. I had given them away though it broke my heart but I just couldn't tend to them anymore.
    Thanks for visiting.

  5. Hello All,
    Thank you for visiting.

    Andrew | Yep! You read it right. It started off innocently with a pair, then it multiplied exponentially before we could react fast enough.

    It would have been 53 altogether if 14 were not adopted by my siblings.

    Lesson learnt: Do not pair off hamsters!

    Barbara | You can say that again. Now, after tons of money spent on cages to separate the males and females, we can only care for them and enjoy their presence throughout their natural lives.

    I wish I had birds in the backyard instead! Wanna trade?

    Wandi | HamsterVille is now on permanent curfew. No more hanky-panky, no more babies.

    My service balcony is simply too small to be a mega city.

    Friday's Child | Glad that you came.

    It is indeed wonderful to have a few. I love animals, but with 39 and a good chance for more population explosion, it is quite overwhelming even for me.

    Happy Thanksgiving you all!

  6. Jeepers Imran, these little critters are costing you a fortune.

    I really hope you manage to separate the sexes or else!!!!

    Make sure you check and double check or else you'll be doing double shifts to pay for it all!!!


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