Thursday, November 02, 2006

Viva Vivo-City!

VivoCity Danish & New-found Friend
After giving a visit to a new-born niece, my son and I went to a newly built mall.

The biggest mall in Singapore to date, VivoCity was not disappointing at all to me.

Getting there was a breeze via North-East MRT line. From Bugis Station, we transferred at Outram to NE-line, a stop away from Harbourfront station.

The most interesting of all is its roof-top on the 4th floor. The whole roof-top is a garden with a very large wadding pool, overlooking the harbour. That was the place we spent most of our time at.

Across the harbour is Sentosa Island Resort... a cable car-ride away.

My son was busy wadding through water and making friends...

Wow! He was really quick to actually make friends, talked like they had known each other long and exchange phone numbers and email addresses...

Very confident and good social skills, I was thinking then. Well, good for him!

I was busy... yes you guessed it, taking photos.

Not professional-looking, postcard composed-quality pictures, but just capturing the beautiful scenery there with what the day had in stored for all.

VivoCity Banquet Food Court
Plenty of rest rooms, so no waiting or overcrowding. Many food courts, the ones we went were Kopitiam and my favourite... Banquet, where we had our dinner before we left.

With a chance to look around, it is time to bring my parents outing and shopping with Wifey the next time, knowing my parents will enjoy relaxing at the roof-top garden.

Viva VivoCity!

VivoCity Overlooking Sentosa Visitors Centre & Merlion

VivoCity Interior

VivoCity Overlooking The Cruise Harbour

VivoCity Overlloking PSA Container View

ViviCity Overlooking Sentosa Bridge


  1. Gosh. The more I see of your native land the more I want to visit. It has such appeal to me.

    I'm glad you go off on your journeys of discovery with camera at hand. All the better to share with the rest of us out here in this vast world we live in.

    Will never tire of looking at this beautiful part of the worl.

  2. Hello Ellen,

    This place is quite interesting just because it is huge and takes a while to navigate around and explore.

    Also simply because, this island is so small and we are living in tight spaces, so a big place like this one gets everybody excited.

    There are just too many photos I took, but I rather like the harbour. My parent will love it!

    When I say harbour, I would rather be in a beautiful and natural surroundings. Especially envy you with that route you take to work. The beach and the hills are so enticing there, just like Anne's Lopez Island.

    Have a good week ahead!


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