Monday, September 25, 2006

My Man, Hady!

Singapore Idol 2006 Finalists - Hady Mirza & Jonathan Leong
Its official, as of 9:00pm tonight, Hady Mirza was declared the Singapore Idol 2006!

He takes over the crown champion of last year's, Taufik Batisa.

After repeated pounding of the Redial button on my phone, my son has chalked-up over S$40.00 worth of phone bill calling the voting number 1900-1121902 for Hady.

A small investment for a talented young man who will do Singapore proud. Not to mention the Malay community as a whole, the second time around!

He always chooses the most difficult songs, but did them outstandingly. I was amazed at his high range when he sang "Through The Fire" by Chaka Khan. Not just anybody, but Chaka Khan! Awesome vocal power with a wide range showed he was the man!

Singapore Idol 2005 Winner - Taufik BatisaHe deserves every support he got as he was the only competitor that was consistent in his perfect delivery every week, yet pushing himself higher thus raising the bar to a higher level every week for the competition as a whole.

Jonathan Leong was good and charismatic. He definitely has the X-factor, engaging, but lacks the powerful vocals and range. He does subdued songs, cool songs that suit his vocal range, which sometimes in one tone always, I felt.

Nonetheless, Jonathan has mass appeal, especially for the young ladies in this region with his bad-boy, rocker look, yet cool and collect appearance.

He will go far commercially as Dick Lee and Ken Lim - the Singapore Idol judges have mentioned. He will have staying power in the music business as Florence puts it, while Jacintha thinks he is already a Singapore Idol.

All the best to both Idols!

Hady, your fan here will support you all the way... right down to the wire, even through the fire! Fire? Well I have to think about that one. Congratulations Hady Mirza!


  1. I would have thought that you would have been the idol there! :)

  2. I agree with James...we would all have voted for you!!! Ha.

    They are great fun these talent shows. Good, family entertainment all round.

  3. Hello Both,

    Nice to have you here.

    Andrew | I can sing very well in the shower. My talent stops there. My neighbours have been very kind not to report sound pollution to the authorities when I karaoke at home.

    I would have been the Singapore Idiot if they were to show audition tapes.

    Ellen | William Hung is far better than me. And I am not his fan, imagine that! One William Hung is enough for the network, I think.

    Yes, they are fun "interactive" entertainment. A few people mistaken me for Hady. As I am grateful for the misidentification, I just replied "No I'm not him... trust me, you wouldn't want to hear me sing."


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