Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Where're The Shoes?

Off it went. The alarm clock sounded on the dot at 6:15am in the morning.

Oh... what at nice morning. Still dark, cool and breezy. A nice morning to continue sleeping, that is. Yet, it was not to be. I have to be the responsible parent and wake up from my cozy bed and wake my son up to get him ready for his first day being Primary 6 student.

As he bathed, I made him hot a cup of hot Milo and took out his favourite pineapple-jam biscuits to dunk into his drink while he watches his morning cartoon before he heads out to take the morning bus at 6:50am.

All was fine. His bags packed, hankie in his pocket, money for his meals given and it was time to leave the home.

"Ayah... where are my shoes?" he asked while searching around the front door.

"Oh, your Mommy said she put it in the cabinet outside," I said casually "check it there."

"I have, but I don't see it anywhere," he said almost desperate sounding "I'm going to miss my bus!"

I looked around while praying hard in my heart that nobody actually took my son's brand new schools shoes from the unlocked cabinet outside. l had to wake Wifey up even though she was not feeling too well still.

"What?! That can't be! I placed it in the cabinet outside!" She said frantically and confirmed there was no new school shoes after checking the cabinet.

"OK, OK... where is the old pair? Just let him wear that for today" I suggested.

"I threw that away already..." Wifey said looking at me blank. "Somebody stole it?"

"Awww...." my son sighed almost shocked with his eyes and mouth wide open.

"No way," I said "no way you would put a new pair of shoes outside... People can take it just like his bike!" I rationalised. "You must have forgotten you put it somewhere else. Let's look for it around the house."

So all 3 of us searched for that white pair of Fila school shoes I bought for him a few weeks ago. We were getting desperate until Wifey found it under her SoHo table after she recalled hard.

What a relief... for all 3 of us!

"Ah... Ehm, how do I tie a knot?" My son retorted a question.

"What?!" I exclaimed and calmed myself down as I knew he always had Velcro-type shoes throughout his school-going life. This year is different as there was none for his foot size.

I had to teach him there and then at the front door, with the bus almost arriving. He was quick to know how it was done and off he finally went off... in time before his 7:00 am bus that came on the dot. Phew!

Like a zombie, Wifey went back to the bedroom and slept, while I resumed my morning ritual... gym workout! Yes!

Everything is back on schedule now. Ahhh... morning tranquility once again.

What an adrenaline rush! The gym workout I mean.


  1. A father's work is never done...

  2. sorry been busy. Yes, if you read the comment I did on the post below, you know that getting did up for first day of school is a major thing. funny how similar people are no matter the culture, region or society.

  3. Hey, how is your wife doing?

    Is she better yet?

    How was the first day of school?

  4. Happy New Year Imran...I am in the U.S.A. at present updating my blog and visiting others.

    My girls aren't back to school until the 10th January so I'm sure we'll have a few mornings just like the one you have described here.

    Gosh...a morning gym brave you are.

    Richie sends his New Year greetings too. He is at work at the moment and I'm sitting here waiting for him. We are going to go bowling...''American Style''.

    Hope your wife recovers soon.

    All the best to you and your family and I hope all your dreams come true...smiles.

  5. Hello All,

    Thanks for coming by.

    Dirk Star | You can say that again, Bro. Wifey decided she wants to tough it out with her bout of flu.

    She is my opposite. I seldom get sick, but when I do, I will rush to the doctor to get my fix as quickly as possibly can. I hate being sick.

    Wifey drags on and let her body resistance fight it out. I am not that strong, neither that patient.

    If she thinks is beginning to bother her, only then she will let me bring her to the doctors.

    She has recovered pretty well now and have been tending to her shop the next day. Thanks for asking.

    Ahh, first day of school... that is another post.

    C-Dell | Just like the rush to buy his school bag, all was planned well, but somehow there is that urgent, panicking moments every time there is some important to complete.

    Yes, incredible to know that across oceans, all race and cultures, there are so many things similar that we share. We are after all humans.

    Ellen | My lady. Happy to hear that you are enjoying yourself this new year.

    Seems to have more exciting things coming your way. That's great.

    Yep! Need that rush before work to get a fresh start to the day. Coffee is a must too to kick start the mind to work though.

    My regards to my talented musician Bro there. Hope to listen to more good music from Richie in 2007.

    Hope this year brings bountiful joy and good opportunities to you and your loved ones.

  6. Oh, yet another thing I miss from when my son was small. That frantic crazy time of outfitting for the school year. The smell of new clothes and shoes, book bags and pencils and books all rolled into that sweetly nostaligic aroma that says "back to school!"

    Wonderful photos yet again1 The decor in the mall is lovely in that glitzy, commercial way of malls everywhere and the color and movement of the night picture is electric!

    Hope wifey is mending nicely. Can't wait to hear about the first day of school!


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