Monday, January 01, 2007

Explosions Of Peace

Marina Bay Countdown 2007 Fireworks By
Well, with all the preparations of the Marina Bay Countdown to 2007 for the Imran's Family outing, something unexpected happened.

At my parents place, while we were celebrating Hari Raya Haji with Mom and Dad, and the rest of the siblings, Wifey condition started to turn for the worse.

She started coughing badly coupled with a bad headache. The flu symptom was kicking in aggressively despite her defensive fight for several days now.

Marina Bay Countdown 2007 Light Spheres By
We had to abandon our plan to go to Marina Bay after dinner for the 2007 Countdown Concert and watch the fireworks at midnight. Instead we left my parents place at about 8:30pm to go straight home. Sigh.

Well, time to nurse Wifey back to health and watch the concert and countdown at VivoCity on TV instead.

All was not lost anyway. True to the weatherman's prediction, the rain did not come to wash the spirits off the revellers. I am sure they enjoyed their celebrations thoroughly out there.

Marina Bay Countdown 2007 Fireworks By
So, for the Imran's Family, the countdown was limited to watching the countdown live on TV instead... minus Wifey who already retired to bed once we reached home at about 9:00pm. A far cry from the all-niter to return tired but satisfied in the wee hours of the morning. Guess there will be it other times.

VivoCity celebrations had no fireworks though, unlike Marina Bay. It was tough for me to actually stay awake after all that food at my parents' place. My son had to stir me up several times during the concert.

All was good and joyous until I switched channels to see if Channel News Asia would telecast the fireworks display. A very sad and disturbing news came in the midst of year 2006 ending its reign.

Marina Bay Countdown 2007 Fireworks By SingaporeSights.comBangkok had suffered 6 separate bomb explosions all within an hour of each other. The first time it happened at its capital. What?! Why?!

What good is it to kill? What significance is there for such acts of violence? What cause is there to justify such barbaric act?

2006 did not end well at all in Thailand, nor Indonesia which has been battling with natural calamities and now the sinking of its ferries killing hundreds.

Our nearest neighbour, Malaysia had 90,000 of its people displaced from the recent flood. Only to return home to rebuild their lives the past 2 days.

I vote for peace for 2007. I pray for mercy from The Almighty. These calamities... are these signs for man to unite and help each other?

Let there only be explosions of fireworks in good festivities for peace and not for violence. I pray for peace and unity above anything else.


  1. I also want peace imran, but sometimes I just think that is not possible with human beings. We may get very close maybe 99%, but there will always be at least one percent that needs to hate. I honestly hope I am wrong about that.

    Those firewoks look awsome

  2. Amen to that prayer my good friend.

    All the killing and bombing and death is not helping anyone...

    Get the Missus up to good health!

  3. Peace and unity, I hope so Imran. I hope your wife feels better too. Happy 2007!

  4. is what we all need.


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