Monday, January 22, 2007

Joost Your Life?

As if we do not spend much time at our computer, there is another distraction from family time together.

Singapore will be part of the many countries that will receive free-airing TV programmes via the Internet. In its beta stage now, but will make its debut here in March.

Like Demand TV or pay-per-view, the programmes are downloaded from a series of programmes available for watching. Other similar concepts have have been long operating this elsewhere in the world for all I know, but still an interesting concept to... watch.

So, if your computer is fast enough and that you have a broadband connection, you can multitask it together - doing your work or whatever that you use your computer for while watching a TV programme that runs on a small screen on your desktop.

I have not downloaded the beta testing software yet, so I am still ignorant about it, but have registered for its progress and updates newsletter.

Not mainly because I need more time to spend on my computer already, but mostly for the technology part of it. It is so interesting to know how things work and how it will revolutionize TV watching specifically in Singapore.

Whatever philosophical good or the downside to it is still debatable. You just cannot escape technology... a two-edge sword of sorts, but how well you can manage living in balance with technology riding most part of your daily life for yourself, your children, and your family.

TV has somewhat replaced most part of human communications especially from a family. Everybody may be in one room, but few words may be spoken as the focus is on and eye glued to the screen. The Internet, makes us glued to the monitor instead.

So we have more time saved with technology helping us out our daily chores, we seem to have less time with one another. 24 hours does not seem enough for one day as it moves too fast to here.

Joost may take off like a rocket or may be just another fad.

It may become an integral part of our lives here, or it may just blow-over like bubble tea kiosks phenomenon in Singapore a few years back; or the Internet bubble that burst the dot-com companies around the world into obscurity.

Somehow, after the disintegration, something new is continuously being reinvented... for the better?

Will just have to watch the wave for ourselves as it comes... starting this March 2007.


  1. I for one, can't keep up with the fast pace of technology. I don't know if I want to either.

    I think it's important to just be selective, certain tv programmes, certain pc tasks etc.

    You just can't beat a good old fashioned ''family day out'' as you have proved many times here on your blog Imran.

    I am determined to have more ''family time'' with my girls this's must and sadly a dying trend.

  2. We have a membership at Netflix, and I heard that they are hoping to (or maybe already have) made it possible for members to veiw movies right away on their computer. It's a crazy world, isn't it?
    I remember learning 'keyboarding' in 6th grade, and we could put our assignments on a floppy disc- at the time, I thought that was so cool. We've come a long way!

  3. At one point, me, my friend and her sister were in the livingroom, and insteda of talking we actually sent IM....

    ... that's communication for you.

  4. I got my laptop last year and I wonder if it is outdated. We don't have Joost here. we do have tivo or pay per view. I may know what you are talking about. We can download tv shows from the networks website or another place that they offer it.

  5. More ways to spend time on the computer, do we really need more?

  6. Hi Imran,

    How are you doing these days?

    I must say I agree with you and I've no family but witness many not spending much "quality" time with one another and in the same room as you said but not really communicating with each other one on one. I find it sad and knew this kind of thing would happen gradually years ago. I hope many people and families will take the time to "prioritize" whats really important in this the ones they love and family....or being "Hooked" up all the time with technology?

    Frankly for me I find I want my quiet time and doing other more spiritual and fun type things in life rather than on my pc 24/7. I love to just take walks, look at nature, have great "real" conversations with other people (in person)write my poems and journal and play lots of music to dance to for exercise! Oh, and play with my kitty Lizzie. I get too overwhelmed with pc things and theres a lot I must take care of in life, so not on it as much as most.

    Sometimes I wonder how much more communicatve people would be with their neighbors and others in our own town, if the pc had not been invented? We would probably then be forced to actually communicate much more and much better then with others in person. That would be our "connection"..:)

    Just my thoughts and some food for "thought"..find a balance and boundaries.

    I also wish kids could and would be able to play outside more..good exercise and to be one with nature.

    Thanks for a great post Imran!

    Angel Blessings,



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