Friday, January 19, 2007

Showers Of Rainbow

Sunny Showers With A Rainbow
Friday was a slow day at the office, unlike at the operations where it was hectic with the increased volume. There will be overtime over the weekends for these people. A very good sign indeed..

After yesterday's announcement, there chip on our shoulders were lifted somewhat. All were in good spirits and Fridays feel like a blessing to me. The weekend is near, I can taste it at tea break!

An intriguing thing happened on my way back from work.

Opened the door to go home and was greeted with a heavy downpour with strong winds, with thunders too.

Nothing strange with the weather we have been having lately, but this evening rain is special, it rained brightly with the sun shining.

I had to take some snaps of this "little phenomenon."

Sunny Showers On Friday
Friends I met along the way to my usual bus stop smiled with unbelievable gesture how strange the weather was. One colleague was saying it would be interesting to see if there will be a rainbow afterwards.

Sure enough there was one! At the bus stop, a huge rainbow spanning across the horizon appeared. It was beautiful for the rainbow to appear while the rain was still heavy.

The rained stopped and the rainbow disappeared with it. Strange, even with a valid scientific explanation with the sun at a 170 Deg angle to deflect light... blah, blah, blah.

The rain, although gloomy is not always a bad thing. The rain nourishes and cleanses every living thing that it touches. It passes to a sunny and beautiful day to take its place... sometimes with a spectacular rainbow even!

That is how I feel today summing-up the happenings for the past few weeks.

Interesting weather to remind us that tomorrow is the New Year for the Muslim Calendar - Muharram 1428.

May This Year Bring
Peace & Joy To Us All!


  1. I like it when it rains at night. Night time rain is the best to sleep to. Rainbows are cool, how they work is much more interesting.

  2. I enjoyed this post, Imran. You take the simple pleasures of life (another P.A.L.) and give them your passion.

  3. I remember the rain when I was a little girl and being looked after by my Grandmother, they were very special times. being all snuggled up and feeling very loved. Thank you for bringing back the memory...

  4. May the simple pleasures of life always make you happy and filled with joy.

  5. One of my simple and fond memories of childhood is playing with the garden hose in the sunlight to "make rainbows". There is certainly something special about them.

  6. It seems fitting that you should see a rainbow after the the storm you've had lately. I hope there are many more!

  7. Hello All,

    Thank you for coming by and leaving your messages.

    C-Dell | You can say that again! I love to sleep while it rains outside at night.

    Yes, you don't get many rainbows here, probably because we live in an urban jungle that blocks the view and horizon.

    It was a pretty cool sight. Plus, I was feeling good that day.

    Carol | I know, sometimes it comes out as flaky, but that is how I feel.

    I like to take simple pleasures in daily life like I felt when I was a child living in a village. A simple life, with simple things around me, but a fun and fulfilling one indeed.

    Tanie | Simple pleasures, exactly. Amid all that downpour, people muttering, unhappy from getting wet and being inconvenienced, the rain is not as bad to me as it is for them.

    Yes, wet and cold, but it serves a larger purpose than inconvenience.

    Lazy Daisy | Thanks for the well wishes.

    And yes, you have a nice blog and themed layout. I like it very much.

    LP | I know. Like Tanie was saying, it reminds me of childhood too.

    I guess that was how I felt when all things fall into place after a trying few weeks.

    A "child employee" with no control over the outcome as the "adult management" at work makes the decisions.

    Barbara | Right on the money there, Barbara. You got it exactly right.

    It was trying, anxious as the market is soft. Personally for me, at this age, it is tougher to get a job of similar returns.

    Yes, I have a contingency plan like you reminded me from another post. We're thinking that I join Wifey and go into a "full-swing" business together, if I had to leave.

    Thanks again for coming by you all. Have a good weekend!

  8. Rianbows are my favourite things. They have fascinated me for as long as I can remember...I saw one last week and always a feeling of calm sweeps over me. They always have that effect.

    I always feel sad when they fade but blessed that I have witnessed one.


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