Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sunny-Windy Sun-Day

Sunny & Windy Sunday
Woke up this morning to a beautiful Sunday.

The sun was shining, the air was cool and so, very windy.

Clouds in the sky seemed to open-up and reveal the blue sky. Excellent day. If I had known better, today could possible be the perfect of all days.

Not sure if it is my happy mood talking, but the day seemed brighter, clearer and well, very windy. So windy it blew the day curtains up so high and strong and made the table lamp on the side table toppled.

Had to close all the windows except the one in the middle. The day looked perfect. I felt great just looking at the courtyard.

Sun Shining & Wind Blowing In
Like a body of water, looking at trees swaying with the wind... quietly listening to nothing but the rattling of leaves, seem to have a therapeutic effect on me.

Tamed urban nature, but nonetheless sunny days are here again!

It was also a perfect day... well, I just have to anyway, to clean the cages of HamsterVille as I have postponed it yesterday to do it today.

While checking on replacement stocks, found that the bedding was not enough for all cages, hamster food was running low and then the air pump for the aquarium went dead! Oops!

I said a perfect day too early?

Regardless. The day is still perfect! A minor setback. Nothing that cannot be fixed. Just buy the food stuff for humans and hamsters... and a new pump too for the fish before they start gasping.

Guess I have to make a trip to NTUC Supermarket and Pet Lovers' Corner at Tampines Mall, since groceries were running low too.

Sunny Sunday
Armed with a long grocery list given by Wifey, I braved the marketing alone. The whole heavy load of it all, including the jumbo-sized recycled-paper Kitty Litter I use for the hamsters bedding.

I noticed the rainy days... well, weeks we have been having had resulted in shortage of vegetables at the supermarket. Fruits were abundant since those were mainly from China and Australia, but vegetables from Malaysia were quite scarce due to the weather.

Nonetheless, all items checked and I am safely home to get down and get my hands dirty.

Land and water animals... here I come!


  1. I love sunny days. They always put me in a good mood. Seems as if you had a good day too.

  2. Great post Imran. I love your attitude. Hamsters and fish, any other creatures sharing your home?

  3. I wish I had your weather!
    If that is your living room, I feel bad -- you should see the mess in my house! Four kids- there's the problem. :)

  4. Hello Guys,
    Thanks for stopping by.

    C-Dell | I love sunny days. I love the outdoors especially camping at the beach.

    Since the sunny days are here again, I can see my family at the beach. Our favorite haunt.

    Yes, sunny days make my mood good always!

    DNR | I try to stay positive as much amid gloomy and uncertain times.

    Taking care of chores that must be done will relief the stress or the matter will keep haunting you until you do it.

    We had red-eared slider terrapins too until it became too big and had to be given away to a nature farm where it can roam free.

    I think 46 hamsters and somehow a large catfish is more than enough residents in one home.

    We could not figure out how the catfish was introduced into our aquarium where it eat all my tetras when it grew bigger.

    Now it is 1.5 ft long and eats like a pig! Yikes.

    Andrew | Having 4 seasons is kind of cool. That, from an Asian folk.

    I guess I'm a sunny-day man as I enjoy the outdoors - nature and the beach.

    Yes, that is my living room when the sun actually went in to cast its light. I was very happy to see it after weeks of monsoon rain.

    I will trade my living room with 4 kids anytime, Bro. Any time!

    I love kids, but I only have one.

    You will always remember the excited faces welcoming you home everyday... priceless!

    All that stress, all that tiredness just seem to melt away when you see and hug you children. Priceless!

    Have a good weekend, Guys!

  5. Hamsters are adorable! I love their little mouths and tiny toes. We have a guinia pig named Shiloh (my son named her). She's painfully cute!

  6. Awww such a feel-good-post! We need more of these sunny days :)

  7. Yes it is me in the glasses, The one with the light brown hoodie. Do I give off a certain trait in my pics? You are the second person to guess me correctly with nothing more than a feeling. I take it as a compliment.

  8. i love reading you as you always make me feel good! nothing like a wonderful breeze to waft in through your curtains. lovely post!

  9. Imran - Your home looks like a vacation spot. I'm glad you have such a positive outlook on life, it's refreshing.

  10. Imran, it was very windy here today too. Only instead of sun, it was snow and blizzard. Cold. Brrr. that's what happens in the cold winter months of Canada. Especially on the prairies where I live. Enjoy the sunshine.

  11. Forty-six hamsters, Imran! Hamsterville is a booming metropolis. Enjoy the sunshine!

  12. Okay, what is with the new pop up window on your images?

    Yes, I’m running a bit late today.

    I spent the better part of this morning dressed in sackcloth, my face covered in ashes as I beat myself about the head and shoulders with reeds in mourning for the Buckeyes...

    I’m better now that the doctors have given me the shot.

  13. Gosh Imran. You are so dedicated with keeping your blog up to date. Richie and me have decided that this year we are going to post more in our blogs than last year. Maybe you could give us a few tips.
    I am back home now after a wonderful ten days...

    Richie has started working on some new pieces of music. I had the pleasure of hearing him play ''live'' whilst I was there.

    He has just posted a debate topic on his blog and we are hoping to have your feedback, particularly with you being from a different culture. It is going to be interesting to see what comments he does get.

    I know your time is limited as you live such a full and busy life but hope you can contribute.

    Jeepers, how many hamsters? 48!!!!
    It's more like a full time job. Off to read some more of your always interesting blog.

  14. It looks so nice there, wind and all. Quite the oposite in my part of the world. Want to trade? Enjoy.


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