Wednesday, January 10, 2007

A Cat Calls

Wednesday On the Sofa
No. Nothing sexy about this, just adorable.

A Unexpected Visitor

I came back home this evening to find a cat sitting and facing right in front of my closed front door. It noticed me and started purring and sliding itself on my legs as I rang the doorbell.

My son came to open the door and told me that it was the cat he told me over the phone earlier in the afternoon. As I went in, it stopped at the door and started to meow repeatedly.

"Come in!" I said as I looked at it slapping my hand on my thigh inviting it in. It came in and went straight to my son... looking up at him and as if talking to him with its constant "meowing."

Ah... the cat either understand English or the gesture I did... but we did not understand what it was trying to tell us.

It seemed to be very fond of my son always tailing him around as my son moved around the house. It will not stop meowing for reasons we thought it was hungry.

Danish With Wednesday In The Kitchen
The cat looked like a female Oriental Tabby, with white and patches of gray coat. Very clean and domesticated.

Feeding it with bread, biscuits and even rice with anchovies, but it would not touch the food at all. Neither did it touched the milk and plain water we gave. It constantly was tailing my son around and meowing still.

We realized that it will only stop its irritating meows when we picked it up and carried it in our arms. It would then purred and did a "cat massage" with its two paws on my son's arm. Such a adorable cat!

Definitely it was someone's cat as it only eat Friskies my son got some from his next block friend, but it had no collar on it and its left ear was snipped as an indication that it was neutered by the authority and released back as strays.

A Scented Trail

Wed On Living Room Carpet
Generally, the cat was clean. Bright green iris eyes, clean nose, ears and coat, long beautiful wiskers, but its legs were a little dusty-looking from the walking outside... finding its owner, maybe?

Since it was fond of my son and only my son, we figured its owner would have been a kid. Someone is definitely missing this cat very much!

My son told me that he went from floor to floor with the cat tailing behind him, to see if it recognized it owner's scent and return home, but it followed my son around everywhere instead.

Just as it had followed my son's scent to our 4th floor home. My son met the cat at the ground floor and stopped to pat it. He then took the lift up and left the cat looking at him as the lift door closed.

Changed out off his school uniform and started his homework after watching some TV. For about more than an hour, he soon realized that the cat had traced his scent by climbing the stairs up to our front door!

Well, it should be a piece of cake for the cat to follow my son's scent trail as he just came back from physical exercise all afternoon. I expected the cat to find its way sooner!

The whole evening was focused on the cat.

It "toured" the house and was startled by the hamsters in the cages... too many cages maybe?

It did not seem to have the killer-instinct of a cat as it just stayed clear off the cages; looking at it only from a far... curious even.

It was even scared of the big catfish we have in out tank. Looking up, it stared at the fish swimming and ran away when the catfish splashed the water. We figured that the cat definitely belongs to someone and may seldom venture outside of its owner's home.

It slept beside my son on his bed last night. All was quiet until Wifey came home. Hearing the door, it woke-up and "welcomed" her at the front door. Wifey was startled to find the cat in our home.

A Cat Nap

Wednesday Sleeping On Danish's Bed
She disapproved of another pet... 46 hamsters and a pig of a catfish is more than enough responsibility of pets a home can accommodate.

Respecting her wishes, we decided that the cat could only stay for the night and to let it out when my son goes to school in the morning.

It woke both Wifey and me up when it started meowing loudly at the toilet door. My son was in the toilet and it wanted to follow him into the toilet too... scratching the toilet door trying to get in. So attached, so soon. I cannot understand.

It was kind of adorable and heart-warming to see that it was so fond of my son and would not let its newly discovered "companion" out of its sight for some reason.

Wifey thought otherwise. She believed it would be a nuisance and a potential burden. I can appreciate her concerns as a pet cat is a handful to care for, not to mention the potential damage of clawing our furniture. Sigh... poor cat.

My son had already named it Wednesday which it would respond with a meow back at him, and only him. Mysterious... lovable cat, but unfortunately we cannot take it in.

We will let it out when the morning comes. Hope it will find its way back home, is all I can pray for this lost creature.

For tonight, have a restful nap, Wednesday... Sigh.


  1. It's very difficult to un-adopt a cat... They do all of the things you write about: they charm, they understand, they provide sweet company, they claw the furniture.

    I hope your kitty finds her way home...

    Once fed...

  2. Awww, I have been desirous of a cat as of late; alas, I need to wait until the rest of my family is ready (our old cat died on Sept 1, 06).
    I was wondering what you do with 46 hamsters? Phew- that's a lot! Maybe the cat could help you reduce your numbers- lol- TOTALLY kidding!!
    I think it's so sweet when animals take to a child- as they always seem to. A child's innocent nature seems to appeal to them.

  3. cats are cool animals. when I was little. Me and my family took care of some stray cats.

  4. I'm so happy to hear that someone has found a cat. YellowRose lost her cat and a neighbor found it dead in her yard, TNChick's cat died. Now there is the curious matter of why this cat is so attached to your son. It looks well cared for, someone may be missing it.

  5. Iwouldn't know what to do without my Kung Pao...

    Dude, when a cat adopts someone it is for a very special reason.

    Cats know where they are supposed to be and who they are supposed to be with...

    I'm telling you, trust the cat.

  6. I hope you will keep the cat. It has chosen you. Your story of the cat encounter reveals the love that you and your family have for all creatures (something the cat knows already even without reading your blog!).

  7. Awwwwwwww bummer. How is your son handling the whole thing - I bet he became quite attached to the cat too?

    Even if the cat sounds adoreable, I have to admitt, your Wife has a point - having a cat is a big responsibility. And what if someone was missing it like crazy?

    Hope thing works out for you all..

  8. Hello All,

    Thank you for coming by.

    TWW | Yes, hope it finds its way back to the owner who is missing it.

    It would be cool to have a cat as pet as well, but it will be tough to stop it clawing furniture.

    LP | Sorry to hear about your cat. Must have been like family to you.

    Yes, 46 hamsters, so I can afford to let the cat choose which meal from which cage. Just kidding. Each of them are dear to all of us.

    C-Dell | I love cats. We have had cats while I was growing up. I consider myself a cat person, but Wifey is somehow not so fond it this animal.

    Barbara | It must be hard to have your loving pet missing and or turned out dead.

    I can relate to the loss because I had many of our pet cats died either from sickness or old age while I was growing up.

    Yes, it so endearing to see the cat get attached to my son so much so suddenly.

    It gives a new meaning to "love at first sight" saying, don't you think?!

    Dirk Star | Yes, we really need a pet to love and care for. I agree.

    And yes, I believe that too. I wish to have the cat, but I have to respect Wifey's wishes too. Tough but I had to do what's right.

    I just hope the cat finds its way back home.

    Mompoet | Thank you for those kind words.

    We let the cat out when it followed our son off to school the next morning.

    We have not heard from it since my son last saw it stopped tailing him at the ground floor.

    It did not return to us so far, but if it did, I think I have to convince Wifey to give the cat a chance and see what happens.

    It may bring a blessing to our family with its attachment to our son.

    Then again, I hope its owner has found it and safely back at home.

    CrashDummie | I know what you mean. It like a dilemma here.

    I am most willing to adopt it, but I'd rather it goes back to its owner. Either way, it has a loving home to come back to.

    Wonder where Wednesday is right now? Anyway, thanks for all your kind thoughts.


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