Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Favourite Things

I have been tagged by Ellen from Coffee Granules and will have to answer these questions while recovering from a fever. So the answers will not necessarily be 100% accurate as it may be influenced by the medication. Anyway, here goes:

Favourite thing to do on the net (besides blogging):
Read snapshots of local & world news and checking out on the latest techno gadgets coming my way.

Favourite leisure activity:
Spend time with family outside the home, especially at the beach... getting a tan while at it.

Favourite meal:
Tom Yam Seafood Noodle. A spicy Thai dish that is healthy and non-fattening... thank God I can pig-out with this dish! Can't leave a food-court without it.

Favourite pudding:
My eldest sister's Sliced-Papaya Pudding. Heaven, pure heaven!

Favourite drink:
You guessed it Ellen... coffee! A cup is needed every morning or I'll resemble a tree stump in the afternoon. Only that a tree stump has more character.

Favourite book:
I don't read that much. I don't read novels, period. Thus the flaky write-ups... but does PC Magazine count? I subscribe to its monthly issues.

Michelle Pfieffer, Hot!Favourite film:
Will be a very long list. To name a few... I Am Sam, What's Up Doc, As Good As It Gets, Sleepless In Seattle, Ice Age, Star Wars, Terminator... anything with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer in it... oh, Michelle. Ahem. Anyway... silly as it may sound, from my teen years... Grease. Don't laugh at me, but I still think it is a cool musical!

Favourite music:
U2, Sade, Madonna, Anita Baker, Rick Astley, Jojo, Snow Patrol, Richard Marx, Hoobastank... concert in Singapore on Jan 28th 2007. Any genre depending on my mood at the time.

Favourite quote:
"Never know you had it until you lost it." Can't remember who said that, but it always reminds me to not take things for granted.

Favourite colour:
Sky Blue. Means wide-open and free-spirited as the limitless sky is what life is to me.

Rafflesia Largest Flower In The WorldFavourite flower:
Iris. In fact all flowers make me happy, even Rafflesia... it stinks, literally. I like taking close-up pictures of them. Heaven's beautiful creations put on earth for every living thing to enjoy... err, unless you're allergic to pollens.

Favourite blog:
Refer to Brilliant Blogs on the right-hand side on my site. These are the sites that make me read and share thoughts I can learn and sometimes develop my strengths from.


  1. I could have answered for you about the techno gadgets.

    My husband is just like you in the reading department, no books, magazines. He reads PC Magazine and financial magazines.

  2. I guess we all like coffee. :) Kenya is my favorite, but I keep many different ones here. The kids at school know when I'm coming -- they smell it. :)

  3. I volunteer at a coffehouse- so, hurrah on the coffee!!
    I like Grease, too- total high school flashbacks! I went to a tanning booth religiously for the three months before production- we performed it in Wisconsin in the middle of winter, so we all had to tan (or else our white arms and legs up on stage would frighten everyone). Those of us who didn't tan had to wear globs of thick make-up on every exposed piece of flesh- yuck!
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane- I hope your fever gets better!

  4. Hello All,

    Thanks for coming.

    Barbara | Hey, you're right. Being a meme, I should be tagging you. It would be interesting to know your favourite things too. Consider that you are "tagged."

    I think you husband is a well-balanced man. Techno gadgets because he works in that field, and financial times, making money work you him while enjoying his work. Good for the family.

    Andrew | I agree with you totally. I do not have any preference. We just buy local-grounded coffee.

    I do, however loved Maxwell House coffee with hazelnut I first tasted in Ohio and fell in love with it.

    Wifey didn't like though, so we returned back to our local brand since we share the coffee coffee maker.

    LP | Wow! You did a stage Grease musical? Which character were you? Interesting.

    I was "in love" with Olivia Newton John then. Bought all her tapes and then CDs.

    So when the movie was big in Singapore back then, I watched the it many times. I even bought the VHS tape then, and then the DVD of the movie for old time sake. A classic to me.

    I still think she looks awesome even today and her voice is as beautiful as she is.

    Oops! Divulging too much information here. My apology.

    Hope everyone has a good week ahead. Bless you all.

  5. Well thought out answers, Imran.

  6. I can't believe I didn't leave a comment here...and I tagged you!
    Shame on me and many apologies...


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