Sunday, January 28, 2007

Saturday Night Fever

Yes, that was what I got... fever on a Saturday night!

It would have been much enjoyable watching young John Travolta strutting his dance moves, instead a ton of brick seemed to dance in my head... throbbing so intensely that was all too much to bear.

For no apparent reason, I started to get light headaches around 4:00pm yesterday. I brushed it off as nothing to be worried about thinking maybe I was staring at the computer monitor a little too long.

The headache became more intense after my son came back from his Malay Tuition class as 5:30pm... and came the painful throbbing in my head with all my joints aching in pain.

Had a dose of panadol to relief the pain and slept in the afternoon. I could not sleep anymore so I curled up on the sofa to watch some TV.

I remember sleeping through Madagascar and came to in time to watch Tom Cruise in War Of The World on HBO.

I had no appetite to eat dinner, so had only a hot cup of cereal instead. My son had his early dinner at MacDonald's before he came home.

Like a pro, my son "nursed" me with a thermometer and an ice-pack to treat my fever while I lay in bed. I had a 38.2 Deg Celsius reading and felt so cold, but another dose of panadol 4 hours after brought much relief to the aching joints and throbbing head.

The ice-pack on my forehead felt like heaven.

My son had 3 ice cubes wrapped in a hand-towel, and tied with a rubber band. He placed the ice-pack on a saucer and placed it at the side of the bed. He opened the window slightly ajar to ventilate the room since it was raining all day long, and switched off the lights to let me rest comfortably.

I heard Wifey came back last night but was just too sick to talked too her until I woke up this morning. Still groggy with a slight tension on my nape, I guess I have to go to the doctor to get me fixed-up soon.

First my office PC went bonkers on me, now my body. Everthing needs to get fixed.

What a way to spend a weekend! Arrgh!


  1. Dear Imran,

    Aaaaahhhh...Welcome to the world of "flu bug fun"! I've been trying to shake it off for over 2 weeks now. Please bring your son over to my place to nurse me back to health too..:(

    Sorry and please feel better soon. It's the aching muscles and bones that can drive you nuts! It's very cold here this winter too. I don't have a great immune system in the first place so no fun! So many have it in my town and all over so you are NOT ALONE my friend. Your strong you'll get better more quickly than me, don't worry!

    Green tea, juice, and soup is good. I haven't had much of an appetite either like you..but do eat when you can. As they say "This to shall pass".

    Hope you'll drop by my blog again to contribute and make a comment on my new post "The people have spoken" "Stop the war"!

    Special Angel Blessings for the ailing Imran man!...:)


  2. Sorry about hte weekend. I hate heing sick it feels horrible. What I do is drink orange juice or anything with vitamin C in it.

  3. Oh no! It's spreading!! Two of my kids are sick now and I'm just getting over it. Our school was full of sick kids all week. Some classes were 1/3 empty!
    I'm so ready for spring!

  4. Hello All,

    Thanks for coming by and the well-wishes. I appreciate it very much.

    Rhiannon | Orange juice, coupled with antibiotics and pain-killers for now. That is how I can stay up and blog... until this passes.

    I hope you get better soon and write more of your beautiful poems and thoughts.

    C-Dell | Well, the weekend has been a wet one so far. The only thing that I am glad is that I don't infect my wife and son.

    It has been a movie and sleeping marathon for me these past two days.

    Andrew | So far, none of my colleagues were reporting sick since the rainy season started, so I will be the first one this year to report sick.

    Didn't know its such an epidemic until I was at the doctors on Sunday today, and see all those people. Never seen so many people in one clinic before until this morning.

    I guess it is the same there as it is there. The cold weather is taking the toll on our immune system.

    Sorry to hear about your and your children being sick. It just breaks my heart to see my child being sick. I hope you guys get better soon.

    Have yourselves a good weekend.

  5. I hope you're feeling better.

  6. Gosh, you have a bad week in work with the pc stuff and now this.

    They say things come in threes Imran. All you need now if for one of the hamsters to give birth again!!!!

    Seriously, I hope you feel better soon. These things are usually only acute for 24/36 hours, but you must rest and get of it completely bfore returning to work.
    Nurse Ellen has spoken.
    Your eleven year old is a good little nurse too, like my 11 year old.


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