Sunday, January 14, 2007

iWant iCandy iPhone

iPhone By Apple
Like it read my mind, at last, the ultimate gadget that I have been searching for, the innovative iPhone from Apple Computers.

Like all Apple products, the sleek and ultra modern design is not just iCandy, but matches or even surpasses expectation with its contents and features.

The bright and sharp screen, that large screen... I am sold!

Anyway, just have to wait for the launch in Asia, especially Singapore will have these beauties available next year while the US will have it this June 2007.

All the gadgets in one phone just like my present Dopod C800, only better.

I love my PDA, but Apple's intuitive and easy navigation takes the cake! Apple's signature features and innovations made easy and so ahead of its time, always.

iPhone iCandy iWant!
Wonder how the people behind these great gadgets look like? Smart and savvy people... maybe with some alien DNA or technology... traceable to the Roswell? Just joking.

My mind wonders sometimes... anyway, awesome creations that are not just out of the box, but out of this world! Another great product hands down.

What has stopped me from owning any Mac, Power PC or even iPod all these years is the steep price that comes with it. Only the elite or the deep-pocketed people are privileged enough to own the experience of its innovations.

This iPhone, however seems reasonably priced... below S$800.00 is outstanding!

That is my phone next year. I will definitely be waiting to own one. Enough time to save some money for a new all-in-one iPhone by next year... that is if I still keep my job, of course.

Praying hard... to keep the job, I mean.


  1. Hey I am somewhat of a technology buff I like tech stuff. I have an iPod, X-box(not 360, I am going to get one before Halo 3 comes out), laptop, Desktop(over a decade old), cell phone. I think technology is cool. The iPhone is going to be cool

  2. Yes, but does it bring happiness?


  3. Hello Guys,

    Thanks for coming in today.

    C-Dell | Indeed. I somewhat am a techno buff too. These techno gadgets are an expensive hobby, but oh so interesting and satisfying.

    I am looking forward for its launch next year. You guys will have them soon in the US. Lucky you.

    Dirk Star | Yes, to some degree. It's a relative term, almost elusive, but attainable... not in whole chunks with forever after, but in bits and pieces throughout your one's life.

    I believe true happiness is felt by the soul, spiritual in fact. Faith... so subjective.

    Some people get temporary relief of happiness felt from watching movies, some from sports, from company or loved ones, while some with... toy trains!

    These are hobbies which provide relief or stress busters that should not have adverse effects on oneself, that I think are bits and pieces of happiness... making you smile and feel alive in your everyday living.

    So... yes, it does, really.

    Thanks again for stopping by. Have a good week ahead.

  4. Good luck keeping the job. That phone is too good to pass up.

  5. You're still on my mind, for your job.
    All of these new gadgets make me feel so behind! :)

  6. Iiih seems to complicated - what is it with men and their toys? *rollz her eyez*

    Well, praying that you'll keep your job, if that is what you really want... what if something better comes along the way.

    So be careful what you wish for - you might just get it! ;)


  7. Hello Imran - the storm wasn't too bad.

  8. Imran-
    Looks like a great deal! My hubby has an ipod and seems to really enjoy it. For the time being, I think we'll stick with our normal 'boring' cell phones! Ha ha...
    Prayers for your job...

  9. Gosh, never one to let the grass grow under your feet friend.

    I used to be so ''out of tune'' with technology until I discovered your blog.

    I do hope you managed to get your hands on one of these. They look impressive. Makes me wonder though Imran, what you do with the outdated models you have. Can you trede them in maybe?


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