Monday, January 29, 2007

Our Little Cat-astrophe

Flu Is In The Air
Just when I feel like things are a little better now after waking up this afternoon from the dose of medication for my Saturday Night Fever, a little family crisis has arrived here.

To avoid infecting my family I slept alone at the living room these two days... but it was not good enough, because our son caught the flu virus on Sunday night.

At 3:00am in the morning, he woke up complaining of blocked nose and feeling cold all over. I was not aware of it as I slept like a log. Wifey woke up and took care of our son; giving him his fever medicine.

I only realized he was sick too when I woke to the alarm clock to wake him up for school. He was still feverish, so we had to let him skip school. His first for this year... just like me, barely a month into the new year. Sigh.

Wifey wanted to take our son to the doctors today and let me rest, but I would rather she had her rest instead. She is the only healthy one and needs to keep her immune system up. I took our son instead.

Wednesday Licking Her Wound
Before we could leave for the doctor this morning, a meow at the front door signalled that Wednesday was back from her night prowl and wanting to come inside.

To our surprise, she came in limping... her right front paw a little swollen with three punctured wounds. Oh boy! Were you in a gang-fight?

We could not do anything for Wednesday as she would not let us touch to examine her paw. She came in to eat, drink and like always wanted someone be around her while she sat licking her wound until she dozed off on our son's sofa bed.

Now we have to monitor how Wednesday is doing these few days, else she will have to visit the vet herself too. Ooh... end month is not such an ideal time to fork money out, you know. Ouch!

Everyone including my Office PC except Wifey needs to be fixed these few days.

Tampines St 71 Sunshine DayI convinced Wifey to be better off at the shop, away from the sickness or risk being infected too.

So today will be nothing special, but a quiet "medicate-and-sleep-through-day..." day. A total opposite of what the weather is like outside. Breezy, with sunshine and blue skies.

Pity we have to miss it being knocked-out by antibiotics.

Oh yes, Mom called this afternoon to find out that we were under-the-weather. So too, it turned out; my eldest brother and youngest brother-in-law... down with flu and on medical leaves for today.

Flu is indeed in the air.

Like a festive season sale, business at the doctors now should be brisk! The family clinic was packed with patients on Sunday, as crowded as this morning. Wow!

Had your flu jab recently?


  1. Gosh Imran, it's all happening by you. I hope wifey isn't next on the list.

    The flu is awful. People tend to brush it off...until that is, they actually get it.

    The poor cat too. I just hope none of the hamsters come down with anything...ouch, imagine that, all three hundred of them.

    I haven't had a flu jab, and usually get a good old dose of the dreaded illness once a year...round here it's mainly the elderly, asthmatics, diabetics, who have the jab.Th rest of us just cross out fingers.

    I do hope things get back to normal for you soon and healthy harmony is restored in your home.

    Get well soon...all of you.

  2. I got my flu shot, hubby and son did too.

    I hope you all get back to normal soon, the flu is no fun at all!

  3. oh my! and here i am complaining about my cold. i do hope you and your family including your kitty feel better soon!

  4. man Viruses are nothing to play with. I grew up in a small town if a hand full of people got wsick it just spread like wild fire. The Cats I told you about they would stay away from us when they got hurt. I think that they are solitary animals.

  5. Hello All,

    Thank you for stopping by and your well wishes.

    Ellen | I really hope my wife will not get infected too.

    I had my only flu jab when I went to Ohio for a business trip in Dec '04. Since it was winter, all 3 of us had the jab before going there. It turned out they had the worst snow fall in years and we were stranded for 3 days.

    I am now back at work and our son at school. Hopefully all has passed with the sunny days ahead as the weatherman says.

    Barbara | Winter season and a chance to be snowed-in for days renders a serious consideration to have a flu jab, I think.

    Of course this is coming from someone from the tropics. My phobia talking, maybe.

    Meander | Thank you. We are getting better now. Just to finish off the course of antibiotics and pray very hard my wife doesn't fall sick like we have.

    C-Dell | You said it Bro. Since it was raining off and on, the windows were shut most times, so I guess the ventilation wasn't that good.

    Though I tried to isolate myself from the family, the flu virus in the air go the better of my son.

    Cats are independent animals I agree, but this particular cat is so attention-seeking it sometimes become painfully irritating to me. It want to be close to you... on your lap, its head on your forearm, etc. Especially when we are asleep at night.

    Very endearing at the same time, very lonely somehow.

    Once again, thank you all for coming in. Have a good, flu-less week ahead.

  6. Hi Imran, I am sorry to hear that you and your son are sick and that Wednesday is injured. I hope that your wifey stays well, and soon you can all go outside together and enjoy that weather. I hope your computer gets better too! I wonder why everything happens in clusters?
    ps - I had my flu shot this year, but I got sick with a bad cold anyway (better now)

  7. Get well soon- everyone! Beautiful pictures, imran!

  8. My wife and I are fighting off some sort of bug. We both got flu shots early on in the season and are hoping that we will not get sick.

    So you kept the cat?

    Good man...

  9. It must be spreading! Two of my kids are sick now, and I'm starting to feel bad. At school, we're sending kids home, one after another, all day long. I need spring!
    Hope you all get better soon!

  10. One of those weeks hey Imran? When it rains it pours I know how that goes. Sorry about kitty. I wonder if our cats can get our human flu?

    Hope your family is feeling better now..and remember when out in the world and touching all that "stuff" just try not to touch your face until you get home and wash your hands..or use a tissue when you do, because that's normally how we pick up flu's etc..from sneezing and breathing on people and from our hands touching our eyes, nose, mouth..all of our mucous membranes on our face. I haven't gotten the flu in years as I'm very careful but well I must admit this time it happened in a different way. I was being kissed while on my date!..oops!..;))..and he had the "Sniffles" he had said...sigh..:o(

    Feel better and hope kitty is going to be okay too! Mine has been sneezing of late..uh oh! he he..

    Oh and thanks for stopping by and making your comment on my "Stop the war" post Imran.



  11. I have been doing well with avoiding the flu so far. I had a flu shot plus I take echinacea whenever I feel a sore throat coming on.

  12. Awww flue is so annoying! Hope you all get better soon.

    Btw Wednesday is a wicked name for a cat. Am actually thinking abt getting a kitten of my own, but now I'm starting to have second thoughts.

    Have a wicked weekend!


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