Thursday, January 18, 2007

What A Relief!

Alright. This may come across as silly and trivial, but it is for my sanity more than anything else.

I need my mind to be at peace from the many things that are happening to me. A few things revealed itself that gave me some peace of mind. Few resolved... few more to go.

Silence Of The Dog

Jack Russell Terrier
Firstly, the 3rd floor neighbour whose dog I thought was devocalized in my earlier "Barking On Silence" post. I saw it at its front door yesterday while on my way downstairs to work.

It ambushed me a little too late. Before it could appear before me, I was already down another flight of stairs. It did not bark at me though. I was quite concern that it had indeed being debarked.

This morning, I was ambushed by it with loud barks! Thank goodness! It barked at me!

I felt such a relief that it, in fact did not have surgery to be devocalized. Never thought it felt so good to be barked at for once. So... I will continue with my usual "morning ambush" ritual by this Jack Russell Terrier of a dog.

I have no idea why it did not bark several of those days with that strange collar on it. It may be the debarking "silencer collar" Lizard Princess was telling me about.

Not sure if those collars are sold here, but yes I saw an article on it, and it may be a good compromise if the dog is too irritable even for the owners themselves. At least a temporary measure, nothing permanent.

That settled! What a relief!

Home-Coming Cat

Wednesday Back On Wednesday
We recently were visited by a cat at our home a few days ago; our son named her Wednesday, from my "A Cat Calls" post.

Well, it came back again after two days, after we let it out by following our son off to school in the morning. We never saw her again after that!

Interestingly she found her way back to our front door, meowing to our son who had just returned from school a while back, to be let inside. She came back to our home on... you guessed it, Wednesday!

Like before, she seemed inseparable from our son, tailing him around the house, asking to be carried and purring and giving cat massages when he did. Very endearing antics.

We reached a compromise with Wifey.

As long as Wednesday does not disturb our sleep with her loud meows at night, she can remain indoors and sleep with our son in his room. Another important condition is that she does not claw on the furniture!

Wednesday is toilet trained! The recycled paper bedding we use for HamsterVille was used for her. She eats only Friskies and drinks plain water.

She is not afraid or wary of humans like stray cats are. Since she has no collar on, and her left ear was already snipped by the authority indicating she was a stray rounded-up, neutered and released back... we figured she may probably be abandoned by her previous owner.

Other than that, she just tails my son around closely. She is always somewhere near my son whether in his room or at the living room watching TV. I am still fascinated by the "bond" this cat has with my son.

Like some have said... the cat chose our home and especially our son for some special reason. It is mind-boggling.

She is in her probation period so we are hoping that she behaves and become our first pet cat.

Ahh... what a relief!

You Light Up My Life

There Is Hope Yet
We recently had an Operations meeting and our business guy recently got confirmed orders that secure us for the next 3 months out of the 6 months forecast.

What is good about it is that the present customer is increasing its volume 3 folds from their usual order. They are exploring to give us a new project which we had given a presentation recently to.

A customer leaves, another customer drastically expands its presence here... so we will be busy with our jobs to fulfill and hopefully exceed their expectation of us.

There is a light at the end of a dark tunnel it seems now, even if it is only for the next 3 months. Nonetheless, things are looking up.

I thank The Almighty for this blessing. Thank you for your prayers out there for our well-being here.

Wow... my mind, what a relief!


  1. I have never heard of a debarking collar, but I certainly want one for some dogs I know.

    The cats I told you about they often left, but always returned. I think that they had other families.

    I am glad things picked up at your job. Close a a door, open a window.

  2. Hello C-Dell,

    You may be right. It may have other families. Never come across my mind that way before.

    Thanks for the well wishes. A closed door opens a new window to other opportunities. Awesome. Thanks again Bro.

    Have a good weekend.

  3. Fantastic news Imran! I am so glad for the reprieve. You have so much good news to share. I'm glad the cat has a home and that the terrier can bark for another day. Life is good, enjoy it!

  4. Hello Barbara,

    Thanks for coming by. Yes, good news... a reprieve. Thank is the befitting word I was looking for.

    I am glad of the outcome. Thank you.

    Enjoy your weekend too!


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