Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Bag To School

Tampines Mall AtriumHad a last minute back to school shopping today.

Though he could still use his school bag from last year, but it ripped at the seams when my son was filling it up with his Primary Six books.

Yikes! It was an emergency alert to get his school bag replaced by today for tomorrow's first day of school for year 2007.

Fortunately is was still early in the day that it happened. So we were able to go shopping for a new one.

It pays to prepare early... so that there can always be a last minute, desperate scampering of sorts to look for stuff before the dateline!

We went straight to Popular Bookstore at Tampines Mall branch. It was madness!

Thought we were silly to rush things at the final hour, but there were literally hundreds more parents as silly as me... desperate look on their faces as they thronged the bookstore for their school-going children needs.

It was as if there was a one-time crazy-knockdown price sale on Christmas. A Black Friday maybe in the US, as I have learnt recently...

Frantic and desperate-looking parents with children tailing them, with a never-say-die dateline to meet. Wow! Just crazy.

Really unnecessary stress brought onto oneself, but I guess the hunt was thrilling at the same time. The queues at all the cashiers were long, but everyone seemed patient enough, no injuries reported from sneers and claws there. Phew!

The Priceless SChool BagThe elusive school bag was not to be found there, instead I bought spare stationary for him since we were already there.

Headed down to Metro Department Store at Century Square next and Viola! Finally found a school bag of his choice.

Just before that, a handsome black pair of Black Hammer shoes caught my eye as we were ascending down the escalator to the atrium. Isetan Department store was having the last day of its Post New Year's Sale.

At 50% off, it is worth the money to step into the New Year at work.

The pair that I have been wearing to the office for the past 3 years has already worn-off. Water sips in at the front on rainy days. It was my favourite pair of shoes, but I have to let it rest in peace since it no longer keeps my feet dry.

We had Tom Yam Noodles for dinner at Food Junction in Century Square and... yes, there is that last minute hair cut for my son. He has been avoiding it since the last two weeks.

The queue number was ridiculous! Scores of children with their parents crowding the Sri Nada Barber Shop on the 4th floor, so we decided to head down to Tampines Street 81 barber shop instead.

Centure Square Heavy Rain
Outside, the sky started to open-up and heavy rain poured down without a warning. Stuck at Century Square until I could not wait any longer and took a cab to Tampines Avenue 3.

My son chose the Little League hair style for himself... short and decent looking... a handsome young man, ready for school for year 2007.

Finally got to check-off all the "Things To Do At The Last Minute" list. But will never want to do this last hour type a thing anymore. I am too old for this.

It is back to school for my son after a month and a half of school holiday, and back to work for me after a fun-packed long-weekend. Hopefully a good year for all of us.


  1. Here in the states, first day of school is a big thing. You have got to have new shoes, haircut. We wore uniforms, so not new clothes, but before we started wearing uniforms it was.

  2. Imran - You shop all the time. I do it too. I bought two books, and four items of clothing today.


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