Saturday, February 03, 2007

Malaise, Movies, Market...

Tampines Central Community Club
As she went down and disappeared into the stairway, the house was quiet and boring again.

Wifey as always, will be full of hope for a good business on Saturdays. She left for the shop. I wish to go help her out, but this light irritating headache will do anyone any good at the shop.

My son has already recovered from a bout of flu, but he too has this lingering headache from time to time just like me.

I guess I had it better than him as I can now rest at home while he still has his Malay language tuition class in the afternoon. Sunday will be his free day. Poor boy.

So... what was I to do after I could not sleep anymore?

Sinking Of JapanI started to blog-surf for awhile until I started to get the headache again... attributed to too much focusing on little letters on my 19-inch LCD monitor. The whole week at work staring at the monitor is quite enough for me.

I had to switch off my PC and do something else...

The obvious, not physical almost morbid activity would be watching a movie or two on DVDs.

I picked two movies that I have yet to watch after buying the DVD. One was Sinking Of Japan and the other, Apocalypto.

The first one was especially interesting to me because I really wanted to see how the Japanese conjure-up the devastation as realistically as the Hollywood counterpart.

It was impressive, no doubt. I especially like the cracking-ground and rising... brittle like biscuits. The huge wall of tsunami coming into the Japanese islands wiping out the entire town was thrilling. Awesome because I had always wanted to be a computer graphics artist when I was still studying computers then.

The most impressive is the satellite view of the devastation. Awesome. Realistic scenes.

Unfortunately, the worst part for me was the storyline... the falling in love bit between characters. The movie came to a slow crawl that I dozed off several times, only waking-up to the loud theater sound blasts when the earthquakes came.

Wifey would love this lovey-dovy scenes as she is a big fan of the Korean TV series.

Apocalypto Movie PosterThe second movie was more to my liking... storyline-wise, not so much CGI, but thrilling all the same. Mel Gibson's Apocalypto was very believable, but I was a little uncomfortable with its subtle hints of western humor and thinking amongst the Incas.

Maybe it will be more palatable and easily understood to cater to the western audiences... amongst the many gory scenes Hollywood is famous for.

The actors and costumes are believably authentic to me; tough, muscular warriors that did not look like they came out from Planet Fitness. How much accurate of Inca culture was in the movie is another debatable story altogether.

Overall, I like that movie very much.

The tough life as humans make the world closer to each other over vast body of water, consuming the unquenchable desire to explore and exploit the weak.

You know what? I suddenly realized that both movies were foreign language and I actually had to switch on the subtitles to understand the movie. So much for reading on a monitor.

Enough movie watching for one day, it was time to do some groceries shopping armed with Wifey's grocery list. This time, it is wonderfully convenient since NTUC Fairprice Supermarket is just a 5 minutes walk from our home.

It has taken-over the more expensive Cold-Storage and the Seven-Eleven convenient store shop space at the ground floor of Tampines Central Community Club.

Never saw so many people at that place than today. I even met my Customer doing his marketing at the new place. All this time he was he was staying a few blocks away from me. Wow!

This slow Saturday... of malaise, movies and markets. Bring sick sucks, the weather sucks too... wonder Sunday will be a sunny day. Laying on the beach with a light throbbing headache is not too bad...


  1. My son just got over the flu, too. Must be world wide. :)
    I keep my poems in large print for the same reason -- my eyes burn after trying to read all the small printing.
    Best wishes to your family..

  2. I am a huge movie person. love to watch movies.

  3. I hope you're felling better


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