Wednesday, November 22, 2006

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Starhub MaxOnline Free Upgrade Promotion
My left palm itched again this morning, but I thought nothing of it.

As it itched again, I scratched it hard and started thinking that maybe something good is coming my way... no, no, that is stupid. That defies logic, defies my faith.

Like I have said before in my Longines For Loyalty post, I am not a superstitious person, but it is so trying when this old Malay Superstition thingy seems to hold true, or at least so darn coincidental every... single... time it itches.

Later today, I received news from a fellow office colleague that Starhub, the ADSL line both of us are subscribed to for Internet access, have offered free upgrade the surfing speed from 4MB to 6MB for free. Previously from 1.5MB


We've boosted your bandwidth for free!

From 28 December 2006, MaxOnline 6500 and MaxOnline 4000 will be upgraded to speeds of up to 12,000Kbps and 6,000Kbps respectively.


I had to surf Starhub website to confirm. It turned out to be a pleasant surprise indeed!

I did not connect the two together until I reached home. Itchy left palm and little good fortunes. I dare not think about the right palm being itchy. I dare not think I have some kind of hidden medical problem either.

Wonder should I ask him if his left palm itched before learnt about the good news...

Then again, he is a Chinese, and he scratches himself everywhere, and so often, Nah!

Everything comes from The Almighty; the good, the bad, the whole works, but it is up to us to recognise it and appreciate it. Be thankful and count our blessings every single one of them, every single day.

Now, by 28 December 2006, I will zoom like only an electron can, at 6000 kilobytes per second into cyberspace and blogosphere. Yes! Life is sweet.


  1. Imran - I hope your left palm itches more often. I hope you enjoy the faster speed.

  2. I think you should start to trust it when your palm itches. I think that maybe certain superstious thing remain because they seem to be true because we only remember the times that they are proven correct, as opposed to when they are incorrect.


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