Monday, November 20, 2006

Longines For Loyalty

Marina Square Longines Boutique #02-132
This is silly, but you just have to indulge me.

On Friday last week, my left palm was itching at work. As I was scratching it, I came to realize a silly Malay superstition that goes like this: "if the left palm itches, money was coming in." Yeah right!

I wrote about this before when I had a windfall the other time, with the itchy palm phenomenon. I am still not superstitious in spite of it.

Guess what? I had a windfall last Friday again! Itchy palm or not.

I received a letter from American Express to collect my complimentary watch for my loyalty and for spending S$5,000.00 using the Visa within a specific period. Wow! A free gift.

Wonder how they earn from me because I have not let them charge me for interest payments before. I paid-up in time religiously everytime I swipe the card. Wifey helped too with her shopping.

The fact is, the gift is not too shabby at all! The watch that I collected is THE Longines Presence, worth S$830.00!

I collected it from Longines Boutique in Marina Square on Saturday afternoon before my son and I went outing to MV Doulos - the floating bookstore ship berthed at VivoCity.

Marina Square Atrium with Christmas Deco
I felt quite out of place when I entered the posh Longines Boutique. Only to be greeted by 2 suave-looking sales persons in coat and tie. While I was dressed very casual. Wearing a tank-top and track pants, a pair of sandals and a baseball cap I bought when I was in Cincinnati, Ohio.

I thought they would have mistakened me as a delivery boy, or someone who had unknowingly wondered into their boutique. Not sure whether the Amex letter I was holding gave me away, but they were very nice and non-judgemental.

Come to think of it, it was like in the movie... Pretty Woman in a Rodeo Drive boutique. Only that I am not pretty nor am I a woman... and of course not a "smart, hygienic street walker." Thank God!
The Amex Platinum Card is real and it is mine, not Edward's!

Anyway, I was seated and served in a matter of a few minutes. With big smiles from both of them and a heartfelt apology for making me wait. Wait? I almost had to wait. Nice! I can get use to this high-life.

This Longines Presence is an L4.720.4.11.2 model with a nifty description...

"Precise movement with handsome features and luxurious material presenting the sophisticated Presence collection from the Prestigious Longines family.

Attractive white dial is accented by a date display as the '3' marker, and classical black Roman Numeral markers and black hands with seconds hand movement.

Presented by a perfectly round stainless steel case made from superior quality steel. Elegant strap is made of top-quality black leather, for a durable, yet contemporary look.

Features a sapphire crystal that is known for its scratch resistant, hand-polished finish. Automatic ETA 2892-A2 movement with 21 jeweled movement is reliable and precise, with a 42 hour power reserve, and water resistance to 30m."


Never had such an expensive timepiece before. Not sure if I want to wear it... keep it in its prestine state perpetually... hmm, it is just too perfect to be worn, it seems. I guess the best time to wearing it will be on special occasions. Thanks Wifey for making this possible.

A time to remember and a timepiece to keep... Life is good!


  1. I am C-dell. You may have read comments I left on Lopez Island(Celtic sisters' site) I thought I would check out your blog. In America we have the same saying, but which palm is not indicated. You should Check out my blog. It is a political site so I don't know if american politics interest you. Still check it out leave me a comment. I post on humanity in general so that might interest you

  2. I'm still waiting for my left palm to itch! :)
    You're so smart to pay-off your card bills - so many people live in dept due to them!

  3. Wow!

    Lucky you.

    I never get anything but the bill...


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