Friday, November 03, 2006

Finally The Visits!

Whole Family at My Home on Hari Raya 2005
Its Friday! The The first Raya weekend is here!

Tomorrow, the whole Mohd Dom's large family will be go visiting to our grandmother's home and each other's houses as well.

Finally, we get to enjoy the Hari Raya Aidilfitri visiting together in one big entourage... storming into each others houses and enjoy each other's company.

The entourage will never be possible without chartering a coach for the day.

At S$35.00 an hour, the air-conditioned coach with its designated driver will take us all over Singapore to as many houses as possible within the space of 10 hours.

That will total to S$350.00 spent, but I volunteered to fork out S$200.00 while the balance will be spread across and shared amongst the rest of the families.

Wifey & Me With Daniel In The Coach on Raya 2005
Chartering a coach is so much efficient and convenient for various reasons:

  • Definitely cheaper per family than to take cabs or public transport that will take us to only a few homes.
  • Moreover, since it is raining season now, chances are you may end up waiting for cabs or get stuck at a train station or bus stop somewhere; spending more time on the journey than with your siblings.
  • Mom will not be needing a cab to move around, but join the whole "clan" together throughout the day.
  • With time saved, we may be able to go to our Uncles' and Unties' houses too.

The whole thing is just great and will be so exciting!

When there are about 30 odd people in a coach - mothers, fathers, sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, grandsons and granddaughters; with lots of catching-up to do and in a wonderful mood of celebration, everybody in their best Raya clothes... the whole day will be fantastic!

Like the many visiting years before that, I am like a child, excited and just cannot wait!


  1. Good tiding to you, hope you enjoy the celebration!

  2. O.K., witch one is you in the group photo?

  3. Hello Both,
    Thanks for coming in. Hope you are having a good weekend.

    Barbara | Every year we look forward to be together going around visiting.

    The whole family is getting ever bigger with new additions of nieces and nephews... grandnieces and grandnephews this past year, in fact.

    Having the whole lot of us together in such a happy occasion is heavenly.

    We are fortunate that we are getting along with everyone in the family our whole lives.

    Andrew | Witch?! I am not a Witch!

    I'm the Warlord at the bottom right of last year's group photo in... ahem, purple Baju Kurong ensemble.

    Wifey and son are at the extreme left of the photo in the same colour-coordinated ensemble.

    Thanks for visiting me on Hari Raya! Wish you guys are here to sample the traditional Raya food and cookies.

  4. sounds like a fun time :)

  5. O.K. - miss spelling (or rather, right spell, wrong word) - I was writing way too late!
    I love the colors of the clothes. Beautiful.

  6. Wow Imran. This all looks so exciting. A family coach...I am impressed.

    The clothes are amazing, and their colours stunning.

    I truly hope you enjoy every minute of this ''togetherness''.

  7. Hello Both,
    Thanks for coming in.

    Andrew | Just joking. Yes, we love the traditional Malay clothes. It shows our culture's vibrancy especially to the other races here.

    They love our way of family closeness and the fact that we keep our culture alive amid this cosmopolitan city we share our homes, traditions and faiths in.

    Ellen | We have to do with a chartered coach if we ever going to complete a minimum of 10 houses within a single day together.

    Rowdy group, happy faces, wonderful time together. Will not miss it for the world... every year!

  8. Hello Ry,

    Missed you there. Thanks for coming in. It has been quite a while since you visited.

    It is as if you visited my home on Hari Raya. Thanks again.

    And yes! We had fun, fun and more fun together. Love every moment. Already looking forward to next year's!

    Have a good week ahead.


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