Monday, November 27, 2006

In Uncertain Times

Yep! It is that time again.

The workplace does not seem to be at its "pink of health" again.

It is once again, time to exercise to get "lean." Yes, to be a totally new skeleton-like model, all the fat and the meat have to be trimmed away.

So trim away they will. Maybe at the end of the month I will see shocked and pale faces walking out of the door. One of those faces can be me too. I will not be shocked. In fact, it is expected.

The uncertain time is here again, here to stay until this very lean model collapses on the runway from nothing in the body to burn on.

Thursday evening will be the verdict. Maybe I am totally wrong and am totally paranoid about this. I hope, no pray that I am absolutely wrong about this! No, I am not so concern about me, I am more concern about the people under my charge.

I had my former Boss of more than 20 years, left the door alone... no management or HR representative to give him the dignity of seeing him out the door, bidding farewell. He left the main door for the last time alone, it was like the end of a work day. Sigh.

Yes, they had their last lunch with him. After that, nothing matters. I just had to walked him out the door and bid farewell. The least I could do. He deserved the respect of an Operations Manager should receive even for the very last hour.

The Time LeftThis long, drawn-out Survivor series will have to end somehow. It is just a matter of time. Like all Survivor series, everybody will be voted out until an HQ winner will emerge.

If I have to walk the walk of shame, I will not feel shame, I will not feel angry either. In fact, I am grateful that I lasted 15 years with the model. I have honestly done my best in every task I did, the best I know how without hurting anyone along the way.

I am proud I have rendered my services and have honestly received my dues.

I may be jumping the gun here, but I am at peace. Like someone said to me just before he left "... it may be a blessing in disguise, if I don't go, I will never do what I have always wanted to do..."

He is successful and happy where he is now. So, there!

I have good plans that I wish to do with Wifey. The plan can of course wait until an opportune time, but if I have to go, then I will make the opportunity, and do it sooner.

Wish me luck... either way!


  1. Hey man I don't want you to lose your job. I'll pray for you man. As thay say sa-ra sa-ra what ever will be will be. I hope what is best for you and you and your family happens. Good luck man.

  2. Good luck Imran. Things are bad at my company too. Lots of good people got laid off.

  3. Thanks for your help today.

    See how easy it is to share goodwill!

    Jobs are getting so scarce and so hard to hold on to.

    I believe the big collapse is coming and we'll all be starting over again.

  4. Imran, I'm praying for you. I had things like this happen to me when I practiced law. Each time it was followed by a better opportunity, so maybe this will happen for you.
    I don't miss that feeling of uncertainty, though, so I feel for you.

  5. I'm praying for you Imran. I hope the best for you and your family. Blessings to you.

  6. Hope things are good at work. Sounds like you're just about the only one left.

    Thanks for your support over at my blog!

  7. Hello All,

    Thank you for coming in. I appreciate all your well wishes. I makes blogging so much worth it.

    C-Dell | Thanks Bro. You are right, whatever will be, will be.

    There is always a way when there is a will to survive and strive for. In this case, for my loved ones.

    I keeping things in perspective and my mind positive. Good thing we have planned ahead as good times never last forever.

    Barbara | Thank you. It is indeed painful to see your good friends who are actually talented and skilled people leave because of duplication or redundancy when a project falls through.

    Not to failure to expectation, but to a lower-cost location.

    At the end of the day, it is a business decision that had to be made. I understand this. I just wished there are better ways, but this is a last resort.

    And yes Ma'am, you are welcome. I am glad to support healthy lifestyle. Will be going back to keep you fit and happy.

    Dirk Star | Yes indeed. You are wise as you are a bright star. I agree with you. There is always a constant renewal cycle in life as we journey through it.

    The only difference is how well and comfortable we want to make the journey to be. You're one awesome Dude.

    Andrew | Thanks Bro. You let me find my own strength when I learnt about the hardship you went through.

    I know where I should go when I need that boost of sanity shot to keep me calm - Past Tense is the place. Thank you for sharing your thoughts to all.

    Wandi | Glad to see you here. Thank you for your prayers. You are one of the wonderful and selfless people I know.

    Have a good week ahead everyone!


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