Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Windows To Vista

Widows Vista Aero Glass
This is amazing!

In Digital Life! today, the introduction of Microsoft's new OS, Vista is engaging. Quite nifty, but I agree, its "evolution than revolution."

Streamlined and MACish-like, it is like a daylight robbery from Apple. Then again, since everyone is in-tuned to Windows XP, anything new and simpler are most welcomed.

Windows Vista Desktop SidebarVista will launch in January 2007, so I guess I will on-hold buying a new PC until such date. I can upgrade my present Windows XP to Vista with an upgrade kit as long as my PC is about 1 to 2 years old with at least 1GB of RAM.

Good thing is, I do not have to wait to experience MAC interface... I mean Vista.

With existing Windows XP, I have transformed my Windows interface to Vista by means of a free "Vista Transformation Program 5.0" download at www.windowsxlive.net. No hiccups during installation and it works fine after the required reboot.

The Vista Glass2K theme is my favourite, with its translucent panel. Nice!

Another great addition to fully experience Vista is to download practical Desktop Sidebar panels with time, weather, latest news, etc at www.desktopsidebar.com. But the best is the preview of my Outlook Inbox real-time. Awesome!

And I say it again. Awesome!! Try it.
And all that for free!

PS: I claim no responsibility if anything were to go wrong with your installation or use. The program will, however uninstall clean-off your system by means of the usual "Add or Remove Program" command.

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