Saturday, November 25, 2006

Singapore's Cherry Blossom

Water Apples Bright Pink Flowers
For the past few weeks, I have been awakened early in the morning by squeals from our hamsters' territorial disputes. Things are calm, now that they are all separated in clustered homes in HamsterVille.

Not for long though. Now, for several days I am awakened by chirping of birds outside my bedroom. Not singing their Morning Song, but more like fighting over something. That something happens to be among the trees in full view from my bedroom window.

Suspecting nothing, I know that it has been raining heavily for the past couple of weeks. When the rain finally stops in between for longer, the trees and grasses become alive and green. Budding with shoots of varied shades and now flowering everywhere I see. It is just a nice sight to see all around Singapore. A cheerful sight, indeed.

Water Apples Budding Shoots 16-Nov-06
The trees outside my bedroom window are no different. I watched the trees show off their glorious coloured leaves inter-playing with the vibrant of bright coloured flowers - white and pink against different shades of green background.

Somehow, the birds chirped extra loud this morning and in bigger groups too which got my attention and naturally, my curiosity too by the commotion. The pink flowers were too bright and far too many to ignore either.

I had to investigate and went down today to see for my self what the fuss was all about.

To my surprise, these trees that I have watched growing from little plants out from my bedroom window everyday, are actually Water Apples!

Water Apples With Falling Pink Petals 24-Nov-06
Like green fruits, these water apples are the green species. The Malay name for it is Jambu Bol or literally translated as Bulb Guava, while the bright red one is called Jambu Air or yes, you guessed it... Water Guava.

How nostalgic! I had a red water apple tree growing near the kitchen window when I was living in my village, more than 20 years ago. It was my solace, my quiet place. I climbed it and stayed on it for hours just day dreaming, while the tree swayed me to and fro with the wind. I got to eat the delicious fruit as well too. Magical!

Maybe fate has it that now, these trees are growing right beside our block. Maybe it is meant for my son to enjoy. Only difference is, the trees do not belong to us as it did at the village.

With so many computer games and school activities filling-up my child's time, I am not sure children these days care much about what I cared way back then.

Water Apples & Mynas Feeding 25-Nov-06
Anyway, it looked so much like Japanese Cherry Blossom in Singapore. Just an awesome sight to be under these trees. The colours are stunning! I get to relive my childhood happy times again... and I will get to enjoy the second time around, and season after season when the birds come by to remind me.

Thank you Tampines Town Council for planting the trees. Thank you to The Almighty for the beauty you created.

Water Apples Like Cherry Blossoms In Singapore

Water Apples on Fallen Pink Needle Petals


  1. The clours in these pics are stunning and thanks for sharing them for one and all.

    Yes, it is easy to sometimes miss the beauty on our doorsteps, with all the distractions around, less natural.

    Maybe we are having mid life crises, James, you and me....ha. Going back to childhood memories...ha.

  2. They are beautiful Imran, I see why the birds like them. I agree with you about children though, things are so different now than when we were kids. Our kids lead a whole different life.

  3. Hello Ladies,

    Thank you for visiting me.

    Ellen | Yes, it is indeed distracting with all the going-on around us.

    I take it this way, we get beautiful surprises here and there which is a bonus as a result from our oblivion.

    I have indeed confirmed I am having mid-life crises as I keep lingering in thoughts of my childhood days. And James... who?

    Barbara | Yes, these flowers are stunning and the trees are baring fruits.

    Too bad though, before the fruit can grow big enough and ripen, the birds have eaten it off and picked them off and onto the ground.

    The fruit bats do the same on its night shift, I noticed. No chance for me to try one out. Sigh.

    Have a great weekend ladies!


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