Saturday, November 11, 2006

The Making Of...

En-Naeem Mosque
120, Tampines Road
Singapore 535136
Tel: 6287 9225
Fax: 6382 5852

Everyday, I will take Service 72 from Ang Mo Kio Avenue 5 to my home in Tampines.

Everyday, I get to witness the construction or in this case, the refurbishment of Hougang's central mosque, En-Naeem.

Situated at the junction of old Tampines Road and Hougang Avenue 3, this mosque was quite old and needed a few repairs here and there, I thought, looking from the outside as the buses I rode passed by it.

Never thought the authorities would take-up a massive "overhaul" when I realised one day that the mosque was engulfed with scaffolding and its outside tiles pried-off its exterior walls.

So day, by day I get to see the work being carried out, and the fast-paced restoration done to it until its official opening to the worshippers around that area.

Now it is spanking new, and very pleasant-looking. I would think restoration, but it is now modern and practical in terms of maintenance to weather the harsh equatorial climate with its white fibreglass "skin."

Kudos to the numerous worshippers who donated for the restoration, the Muslims who contribute monthly to the Mosque Fund, drawn from their monthly salary, the management of the mosque and the MUIS for Singapore's Muslim affairs.

I hope to be able to go there for prayers one of these days.

Another house of The Almighty for prayers of peace to the world on our island.

En-Naeem in September 2006

En-Naeem in July 2006

En-Naeem in June 2006

En-Naeem in June 2006


  1. Beautiful scenes Imran, the city looks so clean, a nice place to live.

  2. Hello Barbara,
    Thanks for coming in.

    The pictures were taken with my cell-phone on a moving double-decked bus, so they didn't turn out that well.

    Throughout Singapore, Hougang is one of the government's subsidised public housing estates.

    Pretty clean, decent living, though tight on space on this small island.

    Have a good week ahead.


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