Thursday, November 16, 2006

Toil-let No More!

Johnson's Mr. Muscle - Mold & Mildew Killer
This is probably the lamest post I would ever have written. Well, there were some before. Anyway, it cannot stop me, this is worth mentioning.

I can endure hours of weight training in the gym, but I lack mental strength when Wifey tells me that it is time for me to scrub the bathroom tiles. No..!

All these muscles I have built have are useless against the fight with my bathroom molds and mildew even after I scrubbed it down hard. It would be best changing to new tiles instead!

The molds in between grouts seemed impenetrable. It grew and flourished faster then these muscles can scrub off, even with the aid of tons of chemical agents I have tried.

We even invested on a high-powered, high-jet OSIM steam cleaner for this job. It worked alright but with the amount of hard work put into it, and numbed hands hours later, it was just not good enough. The molds was here to stay. It grew faster than we could recover from cleaning it away.

Until today! I now have a workout buddy who is now my best friend to do the job for me, and did it darn well too!

He, well... it, is Mr. Muscle - Mold and Mildew Killer I bought from NTUC when I was out with my parents at Pasir Ris West Plaza last week.

My mucles are no match against moldsI thought nothing effective will come my way amid all these technological breakthroughs we have been achieving in these past centuries. Then, along came Mr. Muscle to save my bathrooms and the bathrooms of many Singaporeans too.

It states on its label "No need to scrub. Molds and mildew disappear in minutes."

Man, this is some claim.. I thought, but had nothing to loose except S$5.10 if it did not work. I would be more frustrated if the molds win than loosing my money... vengeance unresolved.

Came back home, sprayed along the grouts and left it for several minutes to do its job. And 15 minutes later, I witnessed a miracle when I sprayed the suds off with water.

The grouts were cleared! Months of built-up mold; built-up vengeance... washed away!

A dream come through! No elbow grease needed, just pressing of the fingers on the trigger spray... aim and fire! Clear your dead enemies with water and that should do it. The morning after, the bathroom was even better. The grout looked whiter like new!

Wifey was astonished at the result! She still thinks that I have to scrub to have the grout that clean.

No more toiling in the toilet for me!

PS: I am not getting a cent out of this. I am just so glad there is a solution found. Follow safety precautionary measures especially ventilation.

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  1. I wonder if Mr. Muscle is here in Canada too?

    Hi Imran!


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