Monday, December 31, 2007

7 Wonderful 2007

Even at the tail's end of Year 2007, the unfortunate events still take place throughout the world.

From the cowardice assassination of one V.I.P soul in Pakistan, to the death from mud slides of dozens of poor souls in Indonesia, this year pretty much like the previous years before... with a shocking bang!

Believe me, no pun intended.

Beautiful things happened too and I am very thankful for. Of the many good things that have happened, the 7 most are the personal highlights of my life this year:
  1. My Son, the straight "A" student.

  2. My Mom gets her clear vision, even better than mine.

  3. My Dad gets a clean bill of health.

  4. My Family and our bond.

  5. My Home and the serenity it contains.

  6. My iMac and all its glory in one white flat-pack.

  7. My Job, all chaos and security it offers.
I thank The Almighty for keeping the peace within me and my surroundings, within my family and friends, within my life because I am passionate about life.

Hope you all are doing fine too. A blessed 2008 everyone!


  1. It has been some year, Imran. I appreciate your contrast of world-wide events with the joy and peace of your family and home life. Happy 2008 to you and yours.

  2. I would like to wish you and yours a peaceful and contented New Year Imran.
    There are some very bad things going on as we all know, but amidst the pain there is joy.

  3. Happy New Year, gentle and kind spirit.

  4. Hello Everyone,

    Happy New Year!

    MP | Events that we cannot control versus things that bring me joy and thankful because we create the events through our choices.

    Ellen | That is the way of the world. Good and bad happening. A little more good than bad will be a great world already. Wishing and praying for it is always a good thing. Being thankful it the best to me.

    DirkStar | Happy New Year, Happy New Father.

    Have a great year everyone!


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