Thursday, June 28, 2007

Dad's The Way!

"It was quite uncomfortable at times..." said Dad when the scope traveling in his large intestine.

It was Dad's second year colonoscopy procedure after had his cancerous pulp was removed from his lower colon.

"Everything looks good, pakcik..." Dad told us what his Colorectal Consultant and Surgeon said to him as he patted Dad's shoulder and said "see you next year!"

I was somewhat relieved when I heard that, but I still wanted to hear it straight from the horse's mouth.

The Toilet Marathon

Well, before we could get to know the result, our patient had to visit the toilet just one last time.

That was his umpteenth visit to the toilet since his last meal at breakfast and went through his 6 glasses of Fleet Phospho-Soda drink to flush and empty the contents in his colons for the scope.

He regarded the preparation was worse than the procedure itself. Apart from his numerous visits to the toilet, he vomited the soda twice at home. It was like a drowning experience, he said.

One Of The Longest Days...

Just like yesterday, I took the afternoon off to accompany Dad for his annual colonoscopy procedure at SGH's Endoscopy Centre in block 6.

We arrived and registered as early as half an hour before his scheduled procedure at 3:00pm, but somehow Dad was only called an hour later to prep him and he came out when it was over an hour after.

Dad had his hot Milo drink while we waited for the nurse to call him for the results and next appointment date.

All turned out well with colored photos of Dad's colons shown to us... nice clean colons in fact for an 81 year old dude. Way to go Dad!

His next appointment will be a year later on Jun 26th 2008. Phew! Finally a sigh of relieve from me under my breath.

And yes, Dad's happy smile at the counter was priceless!

The Celebration

Like Dad, fasting after a light coffee and slices of white bread for breakfast, Mom and I had breakfast as our last meal and skipped lunch to be there with him. With the good news it was finally time for our dinner together.

Instead of taking our meal at SGH Kopitiam's canteen downstairs, Dad decided that he wanted to have his dinner at Banquet Foodcourt.

So we endured our hunger for a little while longer to head for CausewayPoint 7th floor Cineplex after a 25 minutes ride back to Woodlands.

No qualms here... all for Dad as the day was his to celebrate.

He is my hero after all. Love you Dad!


  1. What a relief, congratulations.
    Do you know, it ocurred to me whilst reading your last few posts just how important it is to listen to people and what they have to show us about their lives. You sound as you are coping so well as a family and that's very humbling to experience, thank you Imran

  2. Way to go Imrans dad. What a relief. Poor dad for going through what he had to. It is an uncomfortable time I know. My mom just went through tests like that. She is fine, but the tests are yucky. So I know she can relate to what your dad went through. Have a great weekend stress free.

  3. Nothing "tests" what you are made of like fasting and humiliation (both of which are so unpleasant).
    Glad to hear he came through it OK.
    I watched my grandpa go through a similiar experience just recently; it's not fun.

  4. Thank goodness your dad's results were good.
    You have had a very stressful time lately Imran. It is time to try and relax, take care of ''you'' now that your parents are both well.

  5. Sorry I haven't been here in awhile, how in the world are you. Glad your dad is doing well. George's dad was written up in Newsweek a few years ago regaurding cancer and myself as well in our local newspaper. The prep and drinking the poo poo water is just gross. Like dad said it was indeed the worst part. I wanted to dump mine in the planter but it was a real plant so no can do! giggle.


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