Thursday, December 13, 2007

Cameron's Cactus Eden

For RM$25.00 per adult and RM$15 per child, the 3-hour Flower Tour was an interesting outing for all three of us indeed.

We got Jaz - the hotel's tour guide for our exploration of what Cameron Highlands had to offer.

First stop, Cactus Valley.

After a 10 minutes ride down the winding road near the edges of the hills from our hotel, we were the first few visitors to arrive at the nursery that morning.

After paying an entrance fee of RM$4.00 per person, we got to see the hundreds of varieties of cactus we would probably ever see in our entire life in just one place. Totally awesome sight!

The cactus and flowering plants nursery-cum-garden really made us gawked in awe.

Already, we were amazed by the strange and unique shapes the flowers we saw there, now the variety of cactus, each with its own uniqueness... funny shapes even, was equally mind-boggling.

The Almighty's creations is totally mind-blowing!

The nursery was actually vast! It sure fooled us earlier.

Due to its hilly terrain, it looked manageable from the entrance, but once you passed the little potted cactus that were on sale for RM$5.00 for 3 pots, the way to go was up and up the hill.

If Deserts Were This Cool....

From on level to another, the cactus gardens never failed to amaze us all.

Being in the garden, it reminded Wifey the sight we saw when we passed by the desert in Nevada while heading for Las Vegas a few years back.

Instead we were in the cold Malaysian highlands... only difference was, this place was a little more exotic minus the usual skin-burning desert heat.

We we told by Jaz earlier before we entered the nursery, to be back within 40 minutes, but we ended-up spending time exploring the nursery a little over a hour. We were having a good time there.

The spectacular view once at the top of one of the peaks was breathtaking.

Even then, there were more places that we could not cover, simply because it was quite taxing, especially for Wifey to climb-up all those steps, some quite steep too.

A wonderful way to start the morning, amid the beautiful flora to enjoy, we got some exercise done too! Just perfect!

We ended-up buying 3 potted baby cactus for RM$5.00 which was packed neatly with a 3-in-1 plastic carrier for our home.

If I had my way, I would have bought even more variety and start a mini cactus garden in the empty fish terrarium for our home. Should be easy as cactus needed little maintenance.

Wifey thought otherwise. We would have the hassle of bring the cactus back together with all our luggages and purchases later.

She was right... 3 pairs of hands were not enough when we headed home after our vacation.

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  1. Great pics. This is just the sort of place I would visit if I were to go there...


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