Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The Last Time

So, finally today... the last remnants of the office that made-up the sister company to HQ is gone.

With the last 4 of us vacating the Engineering Office on the ground floor to reside on the 2nd floor marks the end of an era personally for me after working for it for almost 15 years... 15 years! Yikes!

The planned fusion of us to HQ was final today when the lights were switched off for the last time as I looked back and closed the door behind me. The same feeling I had when we shifted from Kallang Avenue to AMK; but this time, without the many familiar faces that went along to AMK.

With the last few people left and the disintegration of the various departments to fuse into HQ's own, sister company is no longer but an account name on the balance sheet.

I have to admit the new office environment is better than the last one, I have my own cubicle now instead of a desk... but the people there have yet to get use to us... as we have to get use to them.

Many faces, many smiles without eye contact... for the sake of courtesy is good for now. I cannot help but feel that we are invading their turf.

Always have this feeling of us being second-class citizens since we moved to HQ, but maybe that is just me... then and for now, I hope. A normal unsettling feeling until I get comfortable with the place in time... for the last time.

Tomorrow should be a better day.


  1. I hope you grow to love the new office space and people. i have a hunch the people there will grow to love you.

  2. Hello Barbara,

    Thanks for coming.

    I sounded quite paranoid at times. I actually hate being like this.

    Like you said, to make me love the new place double-time, I started to buy some office stationaries and inspirational posters to pin on my cubicle.

    I chose the one with the single most tranquil scene that can make me... the white sandy beach with swaying coconut trees; with words that say "Cherish Today... for life is stressful enough..."

    The next one will be a potted plant... I was thinking of ferns. Having nature close by is therapeutic to me.

    All these to make me sane, comfortable with the place and hopefully be effective in my work.

    Have a good week ahead.


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