Saturday, December 15, 2007

Time For Three

After coming back from our vacation, the same mundane routine kicked into daily cycle.

Me, going to work... trying hard to get up to speed with the going-ons and clearing tons of emails that have piled-up since I activated my "out-of-office" auto-replier the Friday before the trip.

Nothing much has changed, except the office found itself cold and solemn... yes, extra cold because there are not enough human body-heat to warm-up the place; solemn, because many of the people have started their long-away-from-office leave for their own vacations.

Wifey started her usual house chores... laundry was the priority here after we amassed a heap of dirty clothes to wash and iron. She had been at it for several days already... and she had completed her quest to have things back to normalcy.

Our Son, having his cake and eating it too... now turns on both his desktop and notebook in his room. Busy with his website building and forum administrations, oblivious to the outside world... outside his room and beyond.

Sometimes, I wonder if I did the right thing to award him his notebook for his PSLE exam achievement... feeling I gave him more opportunities to being a recluse in his cyber-world. Sigh!

He has been wanting a bicycle... a good request to get him out of his chair and into the outside world... sun, fresh air and "non-electronic" social life.

Wifey felt she needed to venture outside the home with some exercise too... the house chores did not give her that rewarding a workout and definitely a good idea to loose a few pounds after the good week-long feasting-cum-relaxation during our vacation.

As for me, I love spending time outside. Being close to nature as oppose to the office cubicle 5 days a week is an obvious choice to a slacker like me.

With all that, came a beam of light from the newspaper... a calling from Carrefour, having a Christmas sale of dirt-bikes, amongst other thing, for just S$55.00 each. Wow!

Surprisingly, the bikes were light-weight. Perfect!

"What is that sound?!" I asked Wifey as I went to the kitchen to investigate.

"It is time for a new washing machine, Ayah..." Wifey concluded, "situation is getting worse... after the third repairs, the repairman was saying it was time we retire this 7 year-old washer."

More money that needed to be spent, right after the vacation. Ouch! Money to spend... not so perfect.

It finally hit me why Wifey had not washed the clothes in the evenings anymore... the hour-loud sound of the washing would disturb the neighbors. It sure irritated me... too embarrassing too.

So we headed to Courts MegaStore at Tampines too look for a new washer, after having a meal at Courts Box Bistro and walking around at IKEA.

We set our eyes on the new LG Steam Washer & Dryer that was priced at S$2,799.00 by the manufacturer... with some free-gifts thrown-in with the Christmas sale on by Courts.

We scouted around for other offers at Best Denki too, but finally settled for a good bargain at Harvey Norman in Millenia Walk... inclusive of extended warranty to 5 years plus free delivery and installation... foregoing a free vacuum cleaner, we got the dry-cleaning capable LG Steam Washer & Dryer for S$2,599.00 for an 11/6Kg washer/dryer set.

In the long-run, it will save a lot of dry-cleaning bills... and Wifey will not need to iron as many clothes as before, since the steam washing takes care of it, hopefully as promised by the product, among saving water and electrical bills as well.

Now! For the family time... the S$55.00 bicycle each for us three seemed inviting when we reached Carrefour and saw the bikes for ourselves.

I set my eyes on these bikes simply because it will mean family time outside the house together. We only need our Son to see the bikes before we buy them.

He was not with us... spending this few nights with 10 of his cousins at my Sis' place in Sengkang, going to movies and bonding during this school holiday.

Wifey set for the red-colored bike while I stamped my name on the black and gray, our Son will need to agree on the blue one and we are set to get them.

The family time cum exercise will then commence from next weekend onwards. Yes!


  1. I've always hated the end of vacations! good luck at work. :)

  2. Hi Andrew,

    You can say that again! Thanks for the wish, I think I really need it.

    Have a good week ahead.

  3. So good to see you back after your vacation. I am going to go and have a look at the pics after writing this comment.
    I can honestly say I have never seen such a colourful washing machine as that one. It's great. Everything is so drab in our country compared to yours...sigh.
    Looking forward to seeing the ''bike'' pics.
    I agree that children need to be out and about are quite right. In saying that, my girls are slumped in front of the tv watching sit-coms or soap operas as we call them.
    It is cold here though...
    I have at last finished my slideshow and have posted it on my blog...what a job, but it's done now.
    Welcome back to blogworld good friend. Smiles.

  4. Thanks so much for your encouraging words on my blog. It is true how often we, I make a bigger deal out of things. I'm sure everything will turn out fine. I will do all I can to help my daughter's Christmas a success. Cheers my friend. Hope your week goes well.

  5. wah im enjoy reading yr blog. nice

  6. What a beautiful washing machine. I'm surprised yours only lasted for 7 years.

    I hope you enjoyed your vacation, good luck with all the exercise.

  7. the washing machine was how much???
    I have no idea of the exchange rate to GBP but man that seems astonishing!
    I would expect the machine to cook, clean and serve my dinner whilst washing or dry cleaning my clothes. Wow!
    Welcome back, great pics

  8. Hello All,

    Thanks for stopping by. It's great to be back too.

    Ellen | Yes, the highlight of coming back from vacation is to wash soiled clothes. We didn't expect to buy a new washer.

    The bikes is my personal target to get more family time out together. My son needs it more than he thinks.

    I'll buy the bikes, definitely so I can also capture nature... what's left of it here in Singapore, with my camera too.

    Slideshow? I'll be there in no time.

    Wandi | You are a brave soul and with the beautiful people you have together at Christmas, it will be a wonderful time indeed.

    It will sound a tat nosy, but I'd love to know how your Christmas went. Yikes! I am nosy.

    UjangMD | Thanks for coming in and your compliments.I surfed over to your blog via MyBlogLog visitor Sabrina.

    You have a lot of blogs and techie stuff going-on there. Impressive.

    Barbara | The washing machine came only in burgundy with floral design for an 11Kg or 24 pound load.

    It is capable of performing dry-clean, so it should save us a lot of money in the long run.

    Yeap. 7 years only. That was my question to Wifey as our Mom's washer still working after 10 years.

    We figured it was because at 5Kg or 11 pound load, we were stressing the washer each time we washed every other day.

    We stressed it even further before and after festive periods when we wash sofa covers and drapes, etc.

    That poor washer did not stand a chance...

    We need the exercise, the bike is a tool I intend to use for family get together into nature... concrete jungle an all.

    Tanie | I know. It bore a hole in my pocket, an elephant could pass through it.

    A top-loader can cost at most at S$800.00 for the same 11Kg load. Yes we went overboard here.

    I'm psyching myself that it is worth in the longterm on the bills with its water and energy efficiencies as well as not sending for dry cleaning anymore as it can handle that job for us.

    Well, actually praying it can do these jobs well as promised.

    At that price I think I can make it heat food up using its dryer function... if only I could bypass its spin-cycle...

    Well, thank you all.

    Have a great weekend and Merry Christmas to my Christian friends.


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